Minutes of September 4, 2008 Meeting

Françoise Puniello (Chair), Andy Martinez, Connie Wu, Laura Mullen, Rebecca Gardner, Valeda Dent, Marty Kesselman, Jackie Mardikian and Bill Puglisi (recorded minutes).
Anne Butman

Françoise opened the meeting with an informal introduction and explained our charge: "To write a fuller concept document for a new science library." Several handouts were issued including:

Previous proposal by the Taskforce on Science Library Building Proposal Committee chaired by Farideh Tehrani. This document included an estimate of costs at that time (October 2006)

Copy of webpage from RU Foundation "A New Science Library: A Transformative Facility for the Busch Campus to Facilitate Research and Learning"

Samples of other concept documents for: RU Annex, Douglass, Kilmer and NYU

Opening Discussion

Françoise reviewed project with Carol Herring (President RU Foundation/VP Devt & Alumni R) on September 3rd and stated that it's difficult to get funding for facility projects. Françoise will continue to discuss strategies with Marianne Gaunt.

An opening discussion ensued with all committee members offering opinions and some of the points that emerged were:


At this time Françoise reviewed the handouts

The Flagship of the Busch Campus: A New Science Library (2006)

Bring all science collections as well as faculty and staff to one location, freeing up other buildings.

Many opinions were noted to include: building should be a gathering place for students; information/knowledge/learning center; building probably 8-10 years away from being realized; possibility of partnering with Physics Hall of Learning to form one building; need to correct misconception that librarians are no longer needed; may need to have focus groups on Busch to ask students & commuters what their needs are; furniture decisions should be discussed with students; include two students on committee (one grad and one undergrad).

Other points discussed were whether a computing facility would be included and if the Chang collection would be incorporated in the new building. The ability to sell the idea of a new science library to faculty members may be difficult and it was noted that scientists think differently about research. It was also noted that much scientific research is done using international collaboration. Françoise reminded the group that she had visited all science departments and stakeholders to get their buy in. It was mentioned that recently Princeton University built a new science library.

Discussion continued with ideas flowing back and forth with regards to the need for labs for grad students instead of carrels and the ability to have services for faculty such as producing posters for their presentations. It was also noted and universally agreed upon that the assumptions made today may be irrelevant by the time the building is built. The patterns of users should be monitored and the group should focus on the needs that will not change with time. Some of these needs include: study space, both group and quiet areas; classrooms; combined service/help desk; bookstores; café; flexible space; display & exhibit area; seminar rooms; auditorium/lecture hall; computer labs; imaging services and sufficient parking. It was also suggested that the design of the building should be something unique, which will serve to catch the eye of potential donors.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM

Next meeting

Thursday, October 30, 2008 @ 2:00 PM
LSM - Special Collections Room

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