Minutes of August 11, 2005 Meeting

Ian Bogus, Tim Corlis, Tom Glynn, Ronald Jantz, Robert Sewell (chair & recorder), Darryl Voorhees

Sewell reported that this year for the first time there will be a dedicated fundraising effort for preservation.

Sewell reported the Cabinet had agreed to establish a position of preservation administrator of the library system. A national search will be conducted within 2 or 3 years; but this year (2005/06) an interim preservation administrator will be appointed to help build the preservation program. The interim will identify the various aspects of current preservation efforts and develop recommendations for appropriate staff, budget, and organizational model(s); work on preservation fundraising activities and work with CDC on preservation policies.

1. RUL Group Questionnaire:

The committee discussed and determined that the current charge, " To provide systemwide oversight of preservation activities and promote awareness about preservation issues within the Libraries" was appropriate, especially with the absence of a Preservation Administrator.

2. Annual Reports of Subcommittees:

Paper Preservation Subcommittee report highlighted environmental monitoring, acidity and pest monitoring activities. 33 dataloggers that monitor temperature and relative humidity and their fluctuations have been located in 14 libraries. These data reveal that some of the locations that have the greatest fluctuations and therefore the potential to do the most damage house some of our most fragile and/or important collections. Full report will be posted on the Collection Development page > Committees and Task Forces > Preservation Committee > Reports.

Digital Preservation Subcommittee:

Report focused on a small-scale demonstration project on digital preservation of brittle books. The demonstration project used four books from the RUL general collection and the project tested the Workflow System and the repository management software. The project also included an evaluation of several vendors. Full report will be posted on the Collection Development page > Committees and Task Forces > Preservation Committee > Reports.

A/V Preservation Subcommittee:

No report was given but Erika Gorder has made much progress on the inventory of moving image materials in Special Collection and University Archives. The database she has developed for the inventory will be used in inventorying audio and moving images in RUL libraries which such holdings.

3. 2006 Preservation Goals

Goal for the year were discussed and will be posted on the Preservation Committee website under reports.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/preservation/minutes/pres_05_08_11.shtml
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