Minutes of March 30, 2000 Meeting

A.Montanaro, N. Borisovets, H.Hemmasi, J.Cassel, J.Boyle, R.Sewell, S.Beck, J.Gardner (recorder), M.Li (a.m.), F. Puniello (guest), L.Mullins (guest)

1. AUL Update.

Public Services and Communications midyear reports will be shared.

The Copyright Conference held last week will be followed by a series of luncheon discussions on all campuses. N.Borisovets described technical difficulty experienced by Newark teleconference attendees.

J.Boyle will schedule small group training for Beilstein, a half day on each campus, either shortly before or after May 1. She will alert the vendor about our level of expertise, what we want from training, and the kind of audience to expect. Follow up with vendors after disappointing training sessions is desirable.

J.Boyle attended the OCLC International Research Library Directorís meeting, and was accepted along with other information professionals and students to a week-long institute to study legal and ethical issues in the new digital environment. PSCís May meeting will be rescheduled.

Libraries are officially closed and/or their bibliographic records removed from IRIS when the University Librarian signs off, on a case by case basis.

Future agenda items for April meeting in Camden: Robesonís renovation, CD-ROM cataloging, IRIS contingency plans, PSPM review, closing serial holdings statement (revisit).

2. PSPMs 1 and 2.

The group reviewed comments from J.Still, V.Kassabian and S.Tama, and made suggestions to the text. J.Boyle and J.Gardner will redraft and combine the sections on access to collections, services, and electronic resources, and share with PSC via email.


L.Mullins gave a history of planning for the CIIT, described its collaborative and outreach emphasis, distributed various concept documents, and responded to questions.

4. UnCover on Index Page

PSC recommended we plan to link only to our new UnCover Gateway (when it is installed with customized features for subsidized document delivery) from the Index Page, and provide a link to generic UnCover from user documentation.

5. Instructional Technology Ė Turning Discussion Areas into Action

We reviewed instructional activities on the PSC Work Plan and J.Cassel gave an update. The group concluded a mechanism is needed to grant librarians blocks of time away from their regular job assignments to work on instructional (and other) projects with systemwide application. Resources must be available to ensure regular job assignments are fulfilled. The production of a multimedia product, an alternative to mass orientation programs in NB, is an example of a project that could be addressed in this manner.

5. D21

F. Puniello described the planning process and concept for the new Douglass Library, and responded to questions. An architect has been hired to estimate costs for both a renovation and an addition to the library, design schematics for use in fund raising, and describe how a phased approach to the plan might be accomplished.

6. Other Unicorn Sites Demo

H.Hemmasi gave a Web tour of various Unicorn sites that are using the Unicorn software to organize and introduce users to Web sources and services, and suggested PAC and WAC might review these different approaches.

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 27, 2000, Robeson Library, Camden Campus

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