Minutes of April 27, 2000 Meeting

Susan Beck, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle (recorder), Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Gary Golden, Harriette Hemmasi, Ann Montanaro, Myoung Wilson
Jeris Cassel, Marjorie Li, Jane Sloan, Bob Sewell

AUL Report

Jeanne Boyle provided updates about Princeton borrower cards, status of policy memo 1 and the proposal for internal leaves for program development, Beilstein workshops, central staffing, SCILS customer service training. Jeanne will distribute copies of the new Princeton borrower application form. The May meeting was rescheduled to May 31 in the morning, somewhere in New Brunswick.

2. Robeson Library Renovation

Gary Golden reviewed plans, including required collection changes, funding, and timing for the coming renovation of the Robeson Library.

3. Test Server Update

Ann Montanaro reported that a new test server is on order and will be available this summer. This will make it possible for there to be searching access to IRIS when the production system cannot be available, as during projects that require index rebuilds. She also distributed database statistics.

4. PSPM 3 (Reference)

A few changes were suggested, and the policy memo was approved.

5. Acquisition of Networked Resources

Harriette Hemmasi reviewed the RUL contract terms for networked indexes and electronic journals.

6. Systemwide Plan for Scanning

Jeanne reviewed a systemwide plan for scanning equipment and work processes for electronic reserves and document delivery that is part of an overall funding proposal for public services.

7. Ask a Librarian Policy

Myoung Wilson shared suggestions for making Ask a Librarian more efficient and accurate. AAL members described the quality control checks that are in place and how members have developed standard response messages. It was noted that more than 90% of AAL questions are from Rutgers users. The remaining 10 percent may include additional Rutgers users and includes questions appropriate to the Rutgers Libraries. There was discussion about how to expand and nurture the service and about reference in general. A general discussion about reference was proposed for the next meeting.

8. Library Designators

This item was postponed until the next meeting.

9. Unrestricted Databases on Indexes Page

This item was postponed until the next meeting, and the chair of WAC will be invited to attend.

10. Brown Bag Lunch

This item was abandoned.

11. Problem Telephone Users

Jeanne distributed two articles about problem patrons. The question on the table was clarified: what resource at Rutgers is available to help librarians deal with distributed patrons who are repeat users? Jeanne will investigate.

Submitted by,
Jeanne Boyle

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