Minutes of December 18, 2000 Meeting

S. Beck, N. Borisovets, J. Boyle, J. Cassel, T. Frusciano, J. Gardner, M. Li, A. Montanaro, R. Sewell, S. Soong, M.B. Weber (recorder), M. Wilson
J. Sloan
L. Murtha

AUL Update

The MARC holdings presentation by Gracemary Smulewitz is on hold since she is currently part of a portal project. She will investigate how MARC holdings can be used for the project. A. Montanaro briefly discussed the project, which is headed by M. Chumer of the Dana Library. Also involved are M.B. Weber (TAS) and B. Warwick (Systems). A. Montanaro suggested adding a public services representative to the group, and J. Boyle asked for a volunteer.

M. Page attended a meeting at the Library of Congress (LC) on the future of the catalog. Her report is a possible future presentation for PSC.

The Web Advisory Committee (WAC) will hold a workshop on January 26 for librarians who develop research guides.

J. Boyle and S. Soong facilitated a meeting on December 6 for those individuals responsible for making electronic resources available. Attendees included the Webmaster and representatives from WAC, Communications, Cataloging, Acquisitions, and Systems. The focus was on the many steps needed to acquire and make available electronic resources. It is anticipated that the new Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems will help to further refine the process.

J. Boyle, A. Montanaro, J. Gardner, and S. Bartz investigated options to make WorldCat more widely available at RUL. They have recommended making WorldCat broadly available through the network. If this is not possible, it should at least be more widely available to reference desks. After A. Montanaro investigates costs, J. Boyle will submit a networked resource request form.

J. Boyle and D. Hoover are working with Bell and Howell to improve entry to ProQuest databases. The current process is not smooth, and J. Boyle will present options to PSC. The best choice for ABI and CINAHL is to take users directly to the databases; for ProQuest Research Library, it is best to take users through the select database page.

J. Boyle is discussing on-site training for ScienceDirect and Early English Books Online (EEBO) with the respective vendors.J. Boyle attended a VALE press conference at NJIT announcing the availability of ScienceDirect. M. Gaunt gave a presentation on behalf of VALE, and Governor Whitman spoke about how money and shelf space are being saved through New Jersey by VALE.

Ingenta/UnCover Update- J. Gardner

J. Gardner and M. Wilson met with the vendor to discuss upcoming changes. The two databases will merge in April, 2001, leading to improvements in UnCover and document delivery. The Ingenta site (ingenta.com) is one of the top twenty Web sites in Great Britain. RUL is recognized on their Web page by IP. RUL users who search the Ingenta site and find a title owned by RUL will be provided with full-text (ScienceDirect is an exception). Online ordering for articles will be available after the merger. Delivery is available via Ariel and PDF.

The merger should be less costly since access will change from per port (two currently are available) to unlimited access. We will not be charged as much for the gateway since the customization has already been done.

J. Gardner will provide document delivery statistics for the January meeting. Numbers from September-December, 2000 will indicate who has been ordering what and the resulting costs.

Instruction Policy (PSPM #3)- J. Cassel, L. Murtha

A draft of PSPM #3 was reviewed and revised. J. Boyle will take the final version to Cabinet for discussion.

The Instructional Services page is under construction and should be available for Spring semester.

L. Murtha is the incoming chair of the Instructional Services Committee.

Adding URLs to Records for Print Monographs- J. Boyle, S. Soong, R. Sewell

URLs are also added to records for government documents.

Links provided in records imported from RLIN and OCLC are neither evaluated or deleted, and RU-ONLINE is not added to the holdings information. A mechanism is needed to inform our patrons so that they will know when a link does not provide full access to a resource. To what should we link is another issue. Evaluation of resources and requests to have links added to monograph records must be made by selectors. Selectors are instructed to verify if the item represented in the URL is an exact copy of the print publication. There are different scenarios and ways in which information is received. A more systematic approach is needed. The original guidelines need to be revisited. J. Boyle will provide the URLs for the original guidelines to PSC.

The issue of changing IRIS to the "library catalog" emerged during the course of the discussion.

Vision for Public Services: Organizational and Funding Needs- Everyone

J. Boyle asked PSC for feedback regarding the North Carolina State site, "My Library" (http://mylibncsu.edu/). The project permits a library to establish categories which may be customized by users. Guest access to the NC site is permitted. There are plans at Rutgers to develop a similar project called "My Rutgers." J. Boyle has been in touch with B. Ginder of RUCS. The technology is available to make this project possible, yet it will require an enormous time commitment.

ELF funds will be available but must be targeted to a specific area. Special things which might be requested were discussed. The scenarios provided on pages 2-3 of A Bridge to the Future were reviewed with an eye as to what is needed to make them a reality. A number of things suggested in the scenarios have since been accomplished since the document was made available. Suggestions included upgrading classrooms, upgrading public computers, improving our catalog interface, and requesting additional human resources.

Reference Review- Everyone

Various approaches to reference service as provided by our libraries on all three campuses need to be investigated since reference is our frontline showcase. Online reference was discussed, including who should be involved and how it should be provided. Reference service needs to be defined, and can not be limited to on-site service that takes place at the reference desk. Content and delivery of service must also be considered. Reference statistics may be reviewed, yet are not entirely indicative of quality.

Training may be an issue since there are now so many different types of resources available to users. Electronic resources complicate the problem since new resources are continually made available and it is difficult for people to be aware of all available resources. Knowledge disparity exists.

Perpetuating and making Ask A Librarian (AAL) a regular part of reference service was discussed. The process is still in transition and all details have not been resolved. A mechanism for correcting misconceptions and incorrect information is needed. Additionally, staffing has reached a critical point for AAL.

As part of the review of reference service, assessment has been deferred to the Assessment Committee. Reference service is down by 41% from last year. The Association of Research Libraries is looking at new service measures, which might be used by us for guidance.

Our vision for reference service was discussed. It was agreed that we need to maintain individualized one-on-one contact both on-site and remotely. There is also a need for librarians with some subject specialization to cover more than one content area. Patrons can use online sources to find answers to ready reference and other simple questions. The more difficult questions continue to provide challenges at the reference desk.

Our vision for instruction was also discussed. Do we want to participate in LC's Global Online Reference Service, which is available 24/7? ARL is proposing a scholar's portal to organize scholarly information in a fashion that individuals within a particular discipline might find useful. Perhaps RUL could undertake a similar project. Lastly, the issue of the librarian's role, electronic versus classroom, was raised.


PROP has been discussed by the Research Leave Review Committee. It will be considered in conjunction with the Short Research Assignment, and how each will be implemented.

M. Wilson distributed, for our information, copies of the final report of the New Brunswick Libraries Real-Time Reference Working Group.

A. Montanaro reported that there has been a delay in loading the EEBO records since Bell and Howell have not completed the necessary changes.

New Brunswick Libraries is sponsoring a conference called "Repenting: Putting the User at the Center" on January 19 at the University Inn and Conference Center.

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