Minutes of July 25, 2002 Meeting

Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Marty Kesselman, John Maxymuk, Ann Montanaro, Bob Sewell, Bobbi Tipton, Myoung Wilson
Grace Agnew, Susan Beck, Leslie Murtha

1. AUL Update - Jeanne Boyle welcomed Bobbi Tipton, thanked John Maxymuk for continuing one more month, and thanked Marty Kesselman for agreeing to be the council's representative to coordinating committee. She reported that she has been investigating OpenURL resolver software and recommended that the group look at http://www.openly.com for an interesting suite of services, especially "1cate." She noted that the minutes of the last meeting have been amended since the website is now mostly coded in XHTML, not XML and said that the faculty toolkit group would report at the next meeting. She reported on progress of the RLG/OCLC review, routed a copy of the ELF instruction packet, and distributed copies of a budget request spreadsheet and a communications campaign proposal. In housekeeping matters, Jeanne suggested that the group not meet in August. She requested that for better process those presenting reports be permitted to finish their presentation before discussion begins and that only one discussion take place at any one time. She thanked John Maxymuk for his year of service on the council.

2. User Initiated Holds / RRS / Etc. - Judy Gardner distributed "Demand Management and 'Place Hold' Implementation Highlights for PSC - July 25, 2002." The overall approach to the implementation and our review is to accept and embrace the system we have. With the new procedures, we may lose some subtleties, but the overall effect will be much better. She reviewed the buttons that will be in IRIS and the enhancements and changes that will result and demonstrated using the test catalog. Testing and other work is still in progress. The target date for implementation of holds being placed directly by users rather than manually by the "A" team and RRS staff is when IRIS comes back up after the August maintenance. Council members will review button text and placement and send Judy written suggestions. The Council endorsed a name change from "Rutgers Request Service" to "Rutgers Delivery Service."

Judy asked for comments about "A Proposal for Web Document Delivery Rutgers Request Service and Imaging Services' Locate and Copy Service, July, 2002," which was distributed prior to the meeting by email. There were no substantive comments about the proposal. Myoung Wilson requested consideration at the next meeting of the relationship between RRS and interlibrary loan requesting.

Judy demonstrated JerseyCat, and the council recommended that it be linked for the "Library Catalogs" Web page.

4. Recommendation Log Review - In preparation for the goals discussion, Jeanne reviewed council recommendation logs from AY 1998 through AY 2001 and found very few outstanding items. She read them to the group.

5. Goals for AY 2003 -The group engaged in a brainstorming session and nominal group technique exercise to develop and rank goals for AY 2003. See the attached spreadsheet[PDF] for the results!

Submitted by,
Jeanne Boyle
Secretary du Jour

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