Minutes of April 29, 2004 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle (chair), Natalie Borisovets, Judy Gardner, Sara Harrington, Patricia Libutti, Ann Montanaro, Karen Wenk (recorder), Myoung Wilson

1) AUL Update

Student Services Retreat.

Reviewed a list of student concerns (document was provided by Gary Golden) from the Camden Student Retreat of 2/27/04. Jeanne also reported on the New Brunswick Student Services Retreat that she attended. Among the recommendations from that retreat were the following two highlighted: Business offices should be open from 8:30 to 4:30 to allow students to pay fines, and there should be a standard of a 24 hour response time for questions.

Information Literacy Initiative

The Instructional Services Committee will be meeting with faculty before and after the May 6 information literacy symposium to explore ways that we mightwork more closely with faculty to support their teaching. The title of the May 6symposium is "Information Literacy and Student Learning at Rutgers: Standards, Competencies, and the Search for Strategies."

My Rutgers

We will proceed with a "Libraries" tab and channels in the MyRutgers portal using the content prepared by Sam McDonald. The one-minute library will be included when it is ready.

2. Guidelines for answering questions posed by outside attorneys.

The following question comes to the reference desk (particularly at LSM, but occasionally at other libraries.) Can we tell when an issue of a given journal was made available to the public on our shelves? It is not possible to answer this question. Natalie will write an FAQ stating this and referring further questions to University Counsel. Jeanne will alert counsel after the FAQ is available.

3. Reports from Columbia Symposium

Sara will submit a summary of her notes from this conference
"Reference Librarian: Technologist or Scholar?"

4. Rutgers Delivery Service changes and charges

Expanded service of Rutgers Request Service will begin July 1, 2004. Discussion of fee structure and possibly raising the cost ceiling for Ingenta Gateway document subsidy ensued.

5. Undergraduate Service Review Next Steps

Myoung and Sara presented a working document (draft) "Reviewing Service Goals for Undergraduates: A Public Services Council Working Document." We need a general statement of our vision for services for undergraduates and a list of things that we will try to accomplish. This discussion will continue at the next meeting (May 27, 2004) in Newark.

6. Involvement in Learning Management Systems

Jeanne reported on this Cabinet Goal: Initiate university and campus partnerships and establish a strategy for integrating services and collections into e-learning. Jeanne is looking into with whom we can partner.

7. Goals and Recommendations Review.

Two documents (2003/04 Libraries Goals and Responsibility) and (Public Services Council Recommendations Log) were circulated. Both will be reviewed at next meeting.

Round Robin

Ann: Friday May 28, 2004 Sirsi will be presenting a demo of iLink 'single search' resolver.

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