Minutes of September 23, 2004 Meeting

J. Boyle (Chair), P. Libutti, N. Borisovets, J. Gardner, A. Montanaro, S. Beck, R. Sewell, S. Harrington, K. Wenk, G. Agnew, M. Wilson (Recorder)

I. AUL Report

Beginning with the October 2004 meeting, the rotation for Council minutes will start again at the beginning of the alphabet.

II IRIS Table of Contents (TOC) Search

S. Harrington brought the concerns of the NBL Collection Development librarians regarding the IRIS TOC search. The former approval plan vendor Blackwell regularly supplied TOC. The new approval plan book vendor YBP does not have TOC. The consequence of this discontinuation of TOC is that when one performs a keyword search IRIS tends to yield a larger number of older books. The Council discussed the possibility of purchasing TOC from a third-party vendor. The Council recommends that the status quo be maintained.

III. First Time Library User Task Force

P. Libutti is the convener/chair of this Task Force. The Task Force met and agreed on three simple things that need to be stressed to the first time users who could be freshmen, faculty or transfer students. They are the barcode, PIN registration and the Library website. Customized information brochures and virtual tours can be also developed. Libutti distributed a list of articles and virtual tours of the libraries at other institutions.

A number of other related issues were discussed including the recommendations contained in the Communication Audit report, virtual tours and pulling together information that will be appropriate for the first time library user. M. Wilson noted the presence of Virtual Rutgers and two other outreach programs that NBL is engaged in this semester; the library information desk at campus centers at CAC and Busch, and the library ads that will be posted in campus buses.

IV. RedLightGreen

The discussion continued following the August meeting; pros and cons were reiterated. The Council recommended that RUL join the RedLightGreen as a program partner. This partnership will entitle RUL to receive promotional materials and RUL use data. N. Borisovets will serve as a contact person with RLG for this purpose.

V. Goals

A general discussion followed regarding issues on the need of increased personnel and creation of XML driven research guides, etc. The Council reviewed the goals in the past years and identified those areas that were completed. Patron initiated holds, implementation of PALCI, and the new improved library website are some of the notable achievements, among others. Goals such as the expansion of audio reserve and the construction of robust XML based FAQs are still being pursued PSC will also revisit the provision of bibliographic management software such as Endnotes. The goals for Academic Year 2005 were distributed along with the meeting agenda. These goals will be discussed as an agenda item for a future meeting.

G. Agnew suggested that PSC focus on the university's strategic plans and work toward identifying user services areas in those areas in tandem. Stem cell research and transportation are two examples of the university's academic excellence priority areas. PSC should also consider developing interactive tools that cross disciplinary boundaries.

VI. Round Robin

A. Montanaro-Distributed database use statistics.

B. S. Harrington-Serves as a PSC representative member to the newly configured RUL Planning and Coordinating Committee, which met and discussed the DLI II. Noted that J. Gardner also serves as a member of the Committee.

Respectfully submitted by
Myoung C. Wilson

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