Minutes of December 22, 2005 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle (Chair), Judy Gardner, Eileen Stec, Jeris Cassel, Kevin Mulcahy, Bob Sewell, Bonita Grant, Natalie Borisovets, Martin Kesselman, Ann Montanaro, and Susan Beck (recorder).

1. AUL Report - JEB

2. Undergraduate Education Open Forum - JC & KM

Jeris and Kevin requested input from Council members on questions for our January forum about the report on undergraduate education. See the report and other materials on this page: http://ur.rutgers.edu/transform_ru/. PSC will sponsor a program on January 11, 2006 looking at the implications for the libraries in regards to the Transforming Undergraduate Education Report, The report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education at Rutgers-New Brunswick/Piscataway. This report is available at: http://ur.rutgers.edu/transform_ru/report.shtml. Suggestions included describing the report and creating a proactive leadership strategy for connecting to undergraduates.

3. LibQual+ Courtesy Response - Everyone

PS Council decided last month to discuss at this meeting how to address our users' highly ranked desire to have library employees who are consistently courteous. See p. 20 of the summary report by Beck, Golden, and Gaunt. The council used a brainstorming exercise to generate ideas to improve public service interactions with our users. This list will be used as the basis of discussion at our next meeting.

4. JerseyClicks - JEB

JerseyClicks databases are now all available to VALE members. CDC recommends linking individually, but there are functionality issues. The Council recommended that all titles be cataloged and included in the Indexes and Databases page. Marty Kessleman will make a template that can be used for each database that would include info on Jersey Clicks and need to use barcode and that some RUL features such as OpenURL may not work; this would be followed by the database description used on Jersey Clicks.

5. Q&A NJ and Question Point - NB

Q&ANJ will move to Question Point software soon. NB reported results of statistical reporting of the academic library section uses of Q&ANJ. Academic Question represents about 22% of use. 8% of users identify themselves as Rutgers users. It was noted that some library science professors are requiring their students to use virtual reference services and that Colonel Henry in 2002 noted that Q&ANJ was useful for tough questions that require a librarian. The membership of the academic queue changes, and there is interesting play between the academic and public queues by both librarians and users. The basic requirement for participating is six hours/week. Marianne Sweet will be invited to the next council meeting to discuss our possible participation. Marianne Gaunt was a member of a virtual reference committee for PALCI, and she will be asked to provide information on Pennsylvania activities.

The continuation of the reference services discussed was deferred to the January meeting.

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