Minutes of April 27, 2006 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Jeanne Boyle (chair), Susan Beck, Natalie Borisovets, Jeris Cassel (recorder), Judy Gardner, Bonita Grant, Kevin Mulcahy, Ann Montanaro, Ryan Womack (guest)

1. LibData Review Committee Report-Ryan Womack, Guest

As chair of the committee, Ryan provided an overview of the findings and recommendations of the group. The charge and the report of the committee are available under Public Services -Committees and Task Forces (available here). The committee does not believe that LibData software is sufficient for supporting the diversity of RUL research guides, but believes it could be a potentially effective tool for creating course-specific guides. Due to the varying practices of librarians in creating and distributing course guides, the committee recommended that a survey be developed to determine current practices and whether an aid to course creation would be useful to librarians. The committee also recommended that a database-driven application be created to facilitate greater usefulness of the Indexes and Databases page. PSC agreed to delay a decision regarding the distribution of a survey given the budget scene and the recent investigation of an electronic resources management system with potential metasearching capability for the Indexes and Databases. Due to the relevance of the findings of the task force to the LibData Review Committee's recommendations, PSC agreed to revise the agenda to proceed to the report of that task force.

2. Electronic Resource Access and Integration Task Force-Ann Montanaro

As chair of the task force, Ann provided information on the work, product reviews, findings, and recommendations of the committee. The charge and report of the group are available under Public Services (and Technical Services)-Committees and Task Forces at (available here). The task force concluded that that the electronic resources management system should come from our current ILS rather than developing our own product. Given the pending budget situation, Cabinet authorized a sole purchase from SirsiDynix from end-of-year funds that includes an electronic resources management system, OpenURL, and federated searching. Due to time invested and knowledge gained by the members, the task force was charged as the implementation committee. The group set a timetable for the implementation of the various components throughout 2006-2007. Small teams are currently working on the implementation of Open URL, MARC records, and the A-Z list. The task force would like to move forward with federated searching even though there are philosophical differences. The group plans to present models to the three councils and recommends developing testbeds for federated searching in a limited number of subject areas. The idea is to move deliberately, taking time to develop and implement rightly and realistically. The group needs a new charge for establishing testbeds. PSC accepted the report with gratitude.

3. AUL Update-Jeanne Boyle

Judy and Jeanne are working with Rich Novak on making students in the continuous education certification programs primary borrowers.

Resources in JerseyClicks will be linked to on our website even though some things will work and some will not.

Systems is working with OIRT to make E-Reserves available in Sakai for the fall semester.

4. Covered Drinks Proposal-Judy Gardner

Judy presented a proposal from the Access Services Security & Facilities group for allowing users to bring covered drinks into the libraries. After extensive research on food and drink policies of universities, the group recommended allowing covered beverages except in restricted locations (e.g., Special Collections and the Art Library), limiting to specified types of beverage containers, distributing acceptable containers with RUL logo at strategic times and locations to students and employees, creating a handout, updating signage, adding additional garbage cans, and holding a publicity campaign. After discussion on the need of further consideration on the unacceptable containers list, the necessity of a publicity campaign, and the importance of more recycling and garbage containers, PSC approved the proposal.

5. Budget-Jeanne Boyle

Jeanne discussed the budget situation. Directors and AULs are to prepare for a 10% cut of their existing budgets. Public Services must prepare for a $102, 809 cut. $81, 602 savings will be from frozen lines, leaving $21, 207. Areas proposed for cutting included: Ingenta Table of Contents ($4,500) and Gateway ($9,000 savings) and eliminating the daily RDS run in NB ($6,500 savings).

6. Round Robin-All

Kevin reported that the TV viewing room at Alexander is now locked due to incidents such as individuals storing items above the ceiling tiles.

Judy reported reduced summer hours for the Physics, Chemistry, and Chang Libraries from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Math will remain open until 9:00 p.m. Annex will extend hours to 4:00 p.m.

Natalie reported that five lines are frozen at Dana, four are in reference.

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