Minutes of May 25, 2006 Meeting

Attendees: E. Stec, M. Kesselman, J. Cassel, J. Boyle, G. Agnew, F. Puniello, N. Borisovets, A. Montanaro, M. Joseph

Brochure Review

PSC reviewed the list of library guides and the latest updates. Francoise was present for this discussion as she will be in charge of these beginning July 1. It was felt that some of the guides could be just online; most are already printed as demand arises; and some need continual updating. Francoise will check on usage. The most used guide, Explore/Discover/Learn is reviewed annually. Other guides suggested were ones for students as to what they can do when the reference desk is closed (Alexander and Douglass Libraries already have guides on this) and if there is a need for the Instruction Group to consider a special guide for undergraduates.

AUL Update

Jeanne talked about various budget issues along with various charts handed out: Public Services Budget Overview (4/28), Public Services and Communications Potential Prepay Items (5/24), and Public Services and Communications Big Ticket Items Summary (5/24). Jeanne noted that it is important to keep our users appraised of budget news, such as through our website. Some budget items discussed: It is important to keep Wilson Omni file as a resource focused to undergraduates, we may cancel Ingenta, For our photocopiers, we will own all machines rather than leasing and we may reduce the number of copiers and the cost might increase to 15 cents per page. For ROARS, we only need one STN and one Dialog account for all of RUL. LSM Copy Service Office will probably closedown on the weekends due to low use.

In a meeting with the Teagle Foundation, RU and 9 other institutions discussed IT literacy in the liberal arts. Jeanne provided them with an extract of the ACRL Guidelines for Information Literacy noting that librarians consider information technology literacy to be a subset of information literacy.

Some miscellaneous items: It looks like Refworks will not be purchased this year due to lack of funding. Volume discounts for EndNote may go forward. We may want to have an FAQ for EndNote on our website. PSC agreed to drop Netscape and add Firefox to the library public machines, all of which need to be upgraded before July and will include new virus software.


Ann gave a demo of RU-CORE (rucore.libraries.Rutgers.edu) and how RU-CORE is following a business model and policies. It was noted that this is only a prototype. Various sample searches were run as well as options to display in DjVu, PDF or TOC. Some dissertations from the NB Graduate School will be added and it was expected that 50% of the NB Graduate School dissertations will be made available as ETDs by next May. Grace noted that more libraries and institutions are moving to Fedora. Some concern was raised regarding PSC input, particularly in regards to the search interface. Grace does not want to change the make-up of subgroups working on RU-CORE, which include some public service librarians. She raised concern about making additional changes that could delay progress; we are still 18 months away from having a mature platform to work with. Jeanne and Grace will follow-up regarding the role of PSC and coordination of public services input on the institutional repository.


Although PSC had agreed to go forward with participation with QandA NJ, there were concerns as to our ability to take this on right away.. Q and A has asked for an initial total of 36 hours for RUL (arrived at that number by # of major undergraduate libraries multiplied by 6 hours which is the usual library participation per library). This number is probably negotiable. But due to budget cuts, and change in the management of the service (the coordinator just left), it was felt that Q and A is in a state of flux at the moment. PSC agreed that we continue this discussion and can better determine our participation after the summer.

Recommendation Log

PSC reviewed the log and noted progress on many fronts. Federated Search product has been purchased and is in progress. We looked at planning and assessment in terms of LibQual findings and had a discussion of courtesy and customer service attitudes in public services. It was suggested that we need a combined group of librarians and access services staff/. PSC approved the ALA document, “Principles in A Networked World, but there has been no further movement from cabinet. NJ Clicks will be put on the A to Z list. MK noted that LSM librarians are now inviting access services to attend meetings as needed.

Round Robin

Grace mentioned a media meeting she attended that included ORIT, RU-TV, Continuous Education. There will be support for podcasts from I-Tunes U in the fall. In the dorms, telephones are being replaces with IP phones. RU-TV is moving to HDTV broadcasts.

Eileen attended an online New Media Conference and she can report further on this at the next meeting. She has been appointed to serve on the ISTC Evaluation Committee (Educational Testing Services), which validates various test questions.

Michael noted the closing of the Nathan Cumming Collection, which includes some items from RUL. Artist Books as a creative activity was thought of as a possible option for RUL for fund-raising, promoting the library, etc.

Marty reviewed the meeting of LSM librarians with ISI and their commitment to work with us on lowering costs.

Ann noted that Mary has notified Ebsco we are ending LinkSource. It was noted that there is a problem of titles from Wilson Omni file not being in IRIS but in the A to Z list. The SPIE Proceedings are now out of the cataloging backlog.

NEXT PSC Meeting is Monday June 19 (due to ALA). This meeting will include a Legacy Round Robin from PSC members

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