Minutes of June 20, 2006 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle (chair), Michael Joseph (for Bonita Grant), Kevin Mulcahy, Eileen Stec, Laura Mullen, Judy Gardner (recorder), Natalie Borisovets, Jeris Cassel, Susan Beck, Marty Kesselman.
Grace Agnew, Ann Montanaro, Bob Sewell

1) AUL Update

Jeanne attended the annual Copyright Conference at the University of Maryland, which focused this year on mass digitization projects and impact on copyright.

Year-end purchases and prepayments include: 50 replacement PCs, 13 PCs for upgrade of digital microform reader printers (which may be re-deployed for public access PCs), Sirsi maintenance, upgrades for SCC’s Info Handling labs and videoconferencing equipment.

Interlibrary Loan received a full-year (July-June) renewal of its statewide services grant, which permits us to recruit for the vacant lending position. ILL Manager, our ILL management system, will cease to be supported August 2007 as a result of the RLG-OCLC merger.

Cabinet, Planning & Coordinating Committee, and Rules of Procedures will meet to discuss potential need to change Councils under our new administrative structure.

Reminder to report awards to Janie.

2) NBLTF on Reference and Instruction

Kevin and Jeris reported on planned consolidation of reference desk service in NBL as a result of the budget crisis and having fewer people to provide service. Only a few libraries may offer evening and weekend reference service in the fall. Statistical analysis of desk traffic will help determine when and where to cut service. Access services staff may help funnel patrons by suggesting they physically go to the library with reference staff or call for assistance. While the library assistant program will be sustained at Alexander, there will probably be no shifts with 2 librarians. There will also be no voucher or temporary librarians to help with instruction. Instruction librarians may reduce their participation in writing programs, prioritize what classes get instruction, and limit participation to 1 session per class.

3) ROARS Accounts

Dialog and STN accounts are not being used and the ROARS Coordinators recommended ending the ROARS service. PSC agreed we should stop the service, with the understanding that if we cancel databases that are in demand in future, we may need a fee service again.

4) Federated Searching Briefing

Marty and Laura reported on plans to implement “Central Search,” a federated (cross-database) searching product that we recently purchased from SirsiDynix. In the first phase this summer, public service librarians on the ERM Committee (Marty, Laura, and Kayo) will work with Bob Warwick to create a prototype arrangement of multidisciplinary databases that have lots of full text. Arrangements of subject databases will come later and will involve selectors. Implementation is intended to be a learning experience for librarians. IRIS, the A-Z list, open access archives titles, NJULS, basic electronic reference sources, and database metadata (descriptions), were also discussed as candidates to include in federated searches. Jeanne asked the implementation group to consider, and demonstrate at PSC, models of federated searching implemented at other research libraries.

5) Online New Media Conference

Eileen reported on a new media conference she attended, sharing her notes with links. She attended the conference virtually; found the Illuminate software easy to use and a productive experience.

6) Reference Discussion

A review of reference has been a PSC goal for the past few years. While we have not done a formal assessment, the group has discussed Q&A, chat, AAL, what’s the right mix, and budget implications. We decided the role of the council is to continue to review existing services, discuss new reference service options, and develop a broad strategy for reference that is implemented at the libraries.

6a) GERT

Susan reminded PSC that GERT is currently reviewing general reference sources across the library system, and will be making recommendations about print and electronic cancellations.

7) Legacy Round Robin

Jeanne asked PSC members to identify their 2 top big public service areas/themes for next year.

Next Meeting: TBD

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