Minutes of September 28, 2006 Meeting

Puniello (Chair), Borisovets (Recorder), Agnew, Cassel, J.Gardner, Joseph, Kesselman, Montanaro, Mulcahy, Sewell, Stec

1. AUL Report (Puniello)

Training being set up. Targeted service startup: Spring semester

Hein Online: Request for proxy access
Montanaro will contact Paul Axel-Lute for information about any contractual limitations

WAC Liaison:
Desirable to have current WAC chair on PSC. Puniello will invite Au to join.

2. Douglass Reference Scheduling Module (Stec)

Report on pilot program at Douglass. Schedule shows different forms of Reference to more closely reflect what is actually being done.

3. Federated Searching (Montanaro & Kessleman)

Committee (Denda, Kesselman, & Mullen) working on federated searching plan.

Rutgers federated search: Searchlight

Goal: Get people to a couple of good, peer-reviewed articles
Issue: Serial Solutions can't initially limit to peer-reviewed.

Databases selected for initial search:

Searchlight presentation on Libraries' web pages

Use to replace current options? No
Use to supplement current options? Yes
Searchlight an option under "Find an Article"

Other issues:
Evaluation: Usage? Search log analysis?

Users bypassing appropriate databases and searching structures for dumbed down, bare bones search.

Federated search sites that can look at:

3a. ArticleLinker (Montanaro)

Users should report any individual titles that do not appear to be activated in ArticleLinker

Reword the "No Holdings" statement.
Change ISSN option to "Search for journal in IRIS."

Any suggestions for the ArticleLinker screen should be sent to Ann Montanaro

3b. Database subject lists

Recommendation: Selectors should be asked to revise. Need to be more targeted.

4. Review of 2006 PSC Goals:

Reference: Expanding/altering traditional reference services and re-examining the role of liaison librarians in light of the institutional repository

Continue to explore the relationship of our reference services to NJ Q&A

Consider for Spring: Analysis of: What forms of reference are we doing? Where are the gaps? How are users affected?

Look at Q&A again in the Spring when the full impact of the budget crisis on staffing may be clearer.

5. Instructional Technology Development Librarian:

Question: What was our vision of this position?
Monitor and move projects-project management.
Technical liaison with OIT
Duplicates the role of the new AUL position in terms of leadership?
Should be working as part of a team.

6. Information Sharing:

IFLA Reference Section (Kessleman): Will be holding their mid-year meeting at Rutgers in March.

Ingenta gateway (J.Gardner): Gone

Delinquent Accounts (J.Gardner): Letters going out to faculty.

Theses and Dissertations (Montanaro):

Completing final test for the New Brunswick Graduate School theses going into the Repository.

Should be able to start with October graduates.

Will demo at the October meeting.

Collections (Sewell)

600-650 print journals being cancelled
15 databases being cancelled.

Have changed some terms of the contracts to large databases.

The New Brunswick approval plan has been refined.

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