Minutes of February 22, 2007 Meeting

Eileen Stec (recorder), Ann Montanaro, Jeris Cassel, Judy Gardner, Jeanne Boyle (guest) Natalie Borisovets, Bob Sewell, Martin Kesselman, Kevin Mulcahy, Francoise Puniello (facilitator), Harry Glazer (guest).

1. AUL update.

2. Public Services input into long-range plan.

Jeanne Boyle described and led PSC through the process of claiming primary or secondary roles/objective broken down from the Strategic Plan. The approach does not apply a plan on top of what we do, but begins a process that allows us to rethink and redesign what we do.

This approach will relate strongly to goal setting and project planning and implementation, but also work we have always done in terms of defining and reordering our priorities.

Faculty reorganization in first phase has the timely benefit of establishing a planning group with the deputy faculty coordinator, who is currently Michael Joseph, also a member of this council, as chair and aul/por as a member.

Other members are the geographical representatives to the faculty coordinating council - Bobbie, Rhonda, Ryan, and John.

We have just augmented this group with two members of access services - Roger Smith and Andy Martinez, and Laura Mullen as CDC liaison (we have liaisons to other councils). We are open to adding others.

Our strategic plan is to run from 2006-2011.

We spent about a year and a half developing the plan, and have now been staging for implementation by distributing the plan within the Libraries, on our website, and to others at the university while at the same time make internal organizational changes to our administrative and faculty structures.

We are going to begin developing operating level objectives by taking a broader review and implementation across the Libraries.

We are beginning with the groups that were charged to contribute information that was used to develop the plan, i.e., those surveys and discussions with Rutgers students and faculty and in the Libraries and the various symposia we held that formed our goals and objectives .

PSC contributed a paper about strategic directions for public services.

We are requesting that each group review and revise or rewrite its contribution based on the final plan, and we have attached a grid of goals and objectives cut and pasted from our plan to help in the analysis.

We need your response [PSC] by March 16.

Later stages of our overall process will include a call for project or initiative descriptions, goal setting, and development of an iterative process for the life of the plan.

[PSC completed the grid during the meeting.]

When all the grids are in, we will be able to see overlaps that might lead to new collaborations, gaps where maybe we need new groups or changes in direction of existing groups, other indications of needed structural or group changes.

We will have an overview of in what area each group will be working. And from that we will create a view of what the organization is poised to achieve. And at the end of each year of the plan, or perhaps more frequently as work progresses, we will be able to report what we have achieved.

All information will be shared and available as it is received - probably through the Sakai site that I mentioned.

You will also need to consider not only to which goals and objectives PSC's work relates and you will contribute, but also if there are any subcommittees that need to be consulted in the technical and digital areas that you oversee.
For example, WAC or ISC might be appropriate to consult or wish to be consulted. We are not asking you to consult them at this point, but to tell us if they should be in the next layer of those groups with whom we consult.

Let us know what other groups we should consult, or add others groups to the grid yourself. Begin thinking about goals and projects that will carry out the pieces of the plan that describe your work.

3. Bob Sewel discussed the "Proposal for a New RUL Faculty Committee: The Scholarly Communication Committee."

4. Discussion on whether or not we should restrict access to public computers.

Eileen Stec described the near impossibility of preventing underage, unaccompanied local people from accessing computers in unstaffed areas of the library. Materials have been damaged and staff members threatened while attempting to remove young people from the library. Public Safety has been ineffective in resolving the problem. During discussion it was pointed out that other libraries in more urban settings have instituted all "sign-on" to public computers by staff, and the presence of security guards at the Newark and Camden libraries. However, sometimes this coverage is spotty. Douglass/Music/Multimedia units are requesting authentication be required on all computers except those in highly staffed areas on the main floor, thus reducing the attraction to non-Rutgers users and reducing the problems described. Francoise plans to meet with Rutgers Public Safety to discuss the issue. The discussion began at this meeting.

5. Librarians and Facebook.

Harry Glazer described becoming a Facebook member for RUL marketing purposes for library events, etc. Over 100 members joined Harry's group. One reference question came through. The Libraries Facebook participation was awarded a "laurel" by the Targum. Harry encouraged librarians to spread the word about this ongoing experiment.

The Libraries also tried publicizing and event by buying a Facebook advertisement.

5. Announcements.

Alexander has had an offer for Unit Computing Specialist accepted by a candidate, and is expected to begin in about three weeks.

Dana has decided to remain open later hours during the exam period.

Marty announced an IFLA group visit on March 8th.

Access Services is preparing for the Ivies+ meeting hosted at Rutgers March 15 and 16. One keynote speaker will address learning communities.

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