Minutes of April 24, 2008 Meeting

VDent, KHartman (guest), RGardner, JCassel, SBeck, NBorisovets, JGardner (recorder), JMardikian, TGlynn, CRadick, RSewell

1. AUL Report

Sent as an attachment to the agenda and included as text below.

The majority of my work over the past few weeks continued to focus on the review of the budget, and various impacts on RIS. This review is ongoing through the end of the fiscal year.

Discussions with Mei Ling Lo and Choong Hoong Liew to attend to the details of the LibX toolbar project and its implementation continue. The project is moving forward and Mei Ling/Choong will be touching base with relevant groups in the near future to share details, gather comments and feedback.The start of the pilot phase will be shared with RUL accordingly.

The Head of Access Services, Judy Gardner, and her team, were able to determine that the library could support an additional late-night hour at both the LSM and SERC Libraries. Thus, starting April 13, these libraries will remain open until 3 am. This is not a permanent addition to the schedule; it is a pilot for the duration of this semester only, to enable us to better determine the need for later hours at these locations, to help us review the impact that being open later will have on access services staff who must work during this time, and also review impact on the budget.

I attended the SAS faculty meeting on the core curriculum on April 15. The intersection of public services (in this case, instruction) warrants careful consideration of progress in this area at the University level. The meeting consisted mainly of faculty from various departments sharing their thoughts about the proposed core curriculum, which may be phased in beginning in 2010 and continue over the next few years. There are a number of areas where faculty disagree - a real point of contention are the obvious gaps left in terms of transfer students. I shared feedback regarding the importance of certain research and information competencies that intersect with many of the core curriculum's learning goals, that are in most cases only provided by the libraries. As well, I also shared that these competencies are not the same as the technical competencies explicated in the last section of learning goals.

Jeris Cassel, Roberta Tipton and I met with the faculty from the College of Nursing on Monday April 7 in Newark to talk about the library-initiated information literacy tutorial project. The meeting went very well, and next steps include working with Associate Dean Wendy Nehring to assemble a smaller group of faculty volunteers to act as a library liaison team during the development of the tutorial.

The first meeting of the Rutgers Learning Communities Advisory Committee met the last of March. The group consists of the campus deans, various SAS representatives, representatives from student groups, student services groups and a fairly large departmental faculty group. The meeting went well and focused on goals of the advisory body - to provide feedback and guidance for the current administration and future development of learning communities on the Rutgers campuses.

2. Update on services for faculty emeriti - Karen Hartman

PSC reviewed the proposed “Library Information for Faculty Emeriti” webpage and suggested a few URL updates, and that the instructions for remote access encompass emeriti who already have barcodes and PINs. Karen will make the updates and arrange with WAC to place the page under “Faculty Services” on the RUL webpage. It will also appear as link on the Rutgers Retired Faculty Association webpage.

3. Updates: Zotero, RUL’s LibX tool bar

Web Services has created a translator with improved mapping of fields from IRIS records for users of the Zotero open source citation management software; Valeda will send an email announcement to rul_everyone. The LibX toolbar developed by Mei Ling Lo and Choong Hoong Liew will be installed on all public machines in the NB campus libraries.

4. The New User Services Council. Some considerations for: Re-thinking reference and instruction; User research behavior to inform meeting user need.

PSC identified objectives of the new User Services Council model as providing for a more effective forum for public and technical/digital services to work together, and to foster broader involvement. PSC agreed with Valeda’s suggestion that the new Council should take a holistic view of public services, with a focus on user needs, systemwide services, and the elimination of redundancies. The AUL for RIS may start conversations about systemwide initiatives with campus library directors; campus representatives on the council will continue to share public service information with librarians and staff at their campus libraries. PSC began to discuss specific reference and instructional services (AAL, Q&A NJ, MEEBO, tutorials), campus and systemwide services, and staffing, as they might relate to the future work of the new council.

NEXT MEETING: PSC’s next and last official meeting will be TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2008. The May 2008 PSC meeting is canceled.

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