Minutes of Oct. 23, 1997 Meeting [SACOPS]

Susan Beck, Ben Beede, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Ellen Calhoun, Judy Gardner (recorder), Jackie Mardikian, Ann Montanaro, Stan Nash, Penny Page, Ruth Simmons, Thelma Tate, Harriette Hemmasi

AUL/PSC Report

Systems/LIS Updates Systems

Ask a Librarian

Discussed issues relating to Ask A Librarian service. Staffing--who should be answering the questions? Currently rotates among libraries; how does each library divide responsibility for answering questions? How is the extra workload handled? How do we refer, get the right question to the right expert? Would it be beneficial for a team to answer questions on a regular basis? Service Policy--do we have one, a one-page statement of guidelines was mentioned. What should the service policy be? How does Ask a Librarian relate to telephone service policies and PSAM# 18--Information Service at Rutgers University Libraries? Guidelines for staff wishing to update or elaborate on an answer were suggested-- first contact the answerer who will forward updated info to the questioner, then update correction to Ask A Librarian distribution if needed. Eligibility--attempt to restrict access to Rutgers students, faculty, staff generally thought not feasible or desirable Form Revision--no pressing need, additional information from questioner not required. FAQ-- needs to be developed. May cut down on repeat questions, answers could be cut-pasted.

ILL. Patrons are notified when their ILLs arrive by message in their Self Services Hold file. During transition, libraries are also notifying by email or sending copies of forms.

NEXT MEETING: Nov. 25, at LSM.
Postponed Agenda Items: Charges for Mediated Searches on Ovid (and other non-fee databases available to patrons), CD-ROM Work Group Report, more on ILL, Digiprint, Public Workstation Access and Use, Presentation of e-journals.

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