Minutes of April 23, 1998 Meeting [SACOPS]

Susan Beck, Ben Beede, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Jeris Cassel, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Susan Goodman, Jackie Mardikian, Ann Montanaro, Stan Nash, Penny Page, Thelma Tate.



Richard Lucier's presentation on the California Digital Library proved to be very informative and appeared to support some of our own planning discussions. Some of the overheads which he used in his talk are on the CDL web site: http://www.lpai.ucop.edu/outcomes/cdl. Marianne Gaunt has posted a summary of her notes to the Open Steering Committee for the Long-range Plan.

The search for the Communication Coordinator position is moving along, with the candidate pool reduced from eight to two finalists.

The Webmaster position has been classified by Personnel as a Systems Programmer III. Recruitment will commence shortly and will include an advertisement in the Sunday Star Ledger.

The Public Services' memorandum regarding ROARS is being revised.

The Copy Center will soon purchase Digiprint.

Among issues discussed at Cabinet was that of licensing principles for databases. Peter Graham, Bob Sewell, and Jeanne Boyle will be developing a draft doucment of principles and guidelines for RUL that will be discussed by Cabinet and the SACs.

Thelma Tate and Jeanne Boyle will meet with Jackie Mardikian, Wen Ren, Connie Wu, Farideh Tehrani, and Chris Mills to finalize the International Students brochure.

Communication between the SAC's, and particularly between SACOPS and SACOTAS, needs to be more formal, in light of discussions concerning PER-COM and reaction from members of TAS.

The "Extended Campus Library Services Task Force," to examine library services to remote users, will soon be formed.

JEB reported on the very successful Open House, held on April 20th that included demonstrations by RU Press authors in the Scholarly Communication Center.



Ann distributed the latest usage statistics for the networked database products currently available at Rutgers. One striking fact is the sharp fall-off from the peak usage levels recorded last Oct/Nov, with current (Feb/Mar) levels less than half the earlier levels. Possible explanations include: the slowness of the web version this semester which may have discouraged users from searching as extensively as they might other wise have done; and that OVID has now reinstalled simultaneous user limits, so prospective users may not be able to get into the database of their choice as easily as before.

Ann announced that Eric Sakowski and Pablo Samuels have resigned. Also, that IRIS, Ovid, Innopac, and the library web pages will be down on May 27 and 28 while electrical work is done in the library computer room and old Geac equipment is removed.

The Windows installation is 75% completed for staff machines but with Eric and Pablo's resignations, there is limited pc support in Systems.

OVID response time has not been very good and Systems is looking into the possibility of moving it to a new server for the Fall semester.


Online message will replace printed message for informing users of missing items. Access Services staff is changing "missing books" to "missing user" to keep track and produce reports. A custom program is needed for RECALLS to address issues of notification for unfulfilled requests. Works continues on the development of the Online Form for MDS. Judy reminded the group that there should be a notice posted on IRIS to inform patrons that the system will be down on May 27 and 28. Agreed that the notice will be posted on May 11th with a change of color for the message.

Jeanne informed group that an Electronic Journals Presentation or Web Page may be desirable and that Mark Witteman has discovered a method of generating an alphabetical list of e-journals from the catalog.


Jeanne Boyle reviewed the pilot project conducted at Cook from May 1997 to January 1998. There was positive reaction to the UnCover articles and Rutgers will consider purchasing a site license for UnCover's Reveal, an SDI service. With a Reveal license all articles would be $10/article. She referred the group to a C&RL issue devoted to a University of Massachusetts study and experience. The group discussed a possible RUL pilot project for remote users. One suggestion centered on the Camden Campus. It was recommended that a full service be provided for such remote Rutgers centers as the experiment stations.


Susan Beck led a discussion on proposed realignment and composition of the SACs as a result of the New Brunswick reorganization. One scenario from the Coordinating Committee included one representative from each campus, nine people on each SAC, four elected from the faculty, with other positions appointed by AUL based on expertise and need. A lively discussion ensued. Jeris reminded the group that this topic would be treated comprehensively at the next New Brunswick faculty meeting.

VI. REFERENCE STATISTICS - postponed to a future meeting.


The project has received almost unanimous support from the NJ College and University Presidents. The funding will be between $1.5 and $2.5 million if it is accepted and will be used for database purchases, Ariel workstations and software, and a search engine. SiteSearch has been recommended for the search engine with the following initial databases: ABI, Periodical Abstracts, PsycInfo, and CINAHL. Rutgers will not use PsycInfo via SiteSearch. The initial commitment to VALE would be for a 2 year period. The long term strategy/hope is that the State will fund electronic resources separately and with additional funds.

Jeris and Stan discussed Help Desk, which was considered an important piece of VALE for the overall proposal to institutions but there is no funding for it. Technical questions have been raised regarding system-wide and local support, as well as implementation issues. The group expressed concern about the efforts placed toward Help Desk activity when we don't take "Ask a Librarian" very seriously. JEB asked Stan to bring various components (Ask a Librarian, etc.) together for further study and discussion.


Jeanne discussed the latest version of the Long range plan and asked that committee members review it (http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~jeboyle/lrptop.htm). The report has been distributed to Deans and various faculty groups for their comment. The group discussed the pros/cons of the scenarios drafted by the committee and their proper place within the document.


Penny Page reported on a distance learning project she conducted with Valerie Meade that included three sites, two of which were interactive. She expressed concern over the lack of support from the Office of VP for Continuous Education.

Tom Frusciano reported on RLG funding for SGML markup conversion of finding aids provided to SC/UA. Two findings aids totally over 400 pages have been selected for markup in the Encoded Archival Description (EAD) DTD.

Jeris informed the group that the recreational reading collection is no longer at Kilmer; the Web Copyright page is now linked to the Law, Ready Reference, and Web Guide pages; Dow Jones Retrieval Services offers full-text of newspapers, especially the Star Ledger.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Frusciano

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