Minutes of October 22, 1998 Meeting [SACOPS]

J Boyle, N. Borisovets, I. Caparros, J. Gardner (recorder), A. Montanaro, P. Page, A. Scholz-Crane, T. Tate, S. Beck, H. Hemmasi (for #2), S. McDonald (for #1)

1) Robeson Home Page Tour - AS-C.

Ann Scholz-Crane introduced Robeson's new homepage, described how students were involved in its design, and highlighted unique Camden campus features.

2) Recommending Acquisitions of Networked Resources - HH.

Harriette distributed copies of the draft document and form, "How to Recommend the Acquisition of Networked Resources," a suggested replacement for the checklist ("Tables of Implementation Progress for Networked Electronic Resources at RUL") which currently tracks the acquisition or trial of e-journals and other networked resources. The new form will be used to recommend purchase of networked resources, including e-journals, which require or allow institutional registration (licensing agreements), will be purchased with central funding or subject funds, and will be cataloged in IRIS. A Unicorn acquisition record will be created for each new title and will track its progress, for example, when registration is obtained and cataloging completed. A Unicorn report can generate a comprehensive list of these acquisitions records, describing networked resources under consideration, at any time.

The form will help track new networked electronic resources, especially e-journals. A review of existing e-journal records in IRIS is desirable. Harriette mentioned the possibility of Faxon providing us with a list of current subscriptions which have electronic versions, as a starting point for review. Harriette will also create another form to use for reporting changes that need to be made to current IRIS e-titles, for example-- removal, changes to the bibliographic record or URL, etc.

Only networked titles which are purchased and registered will be put in IRIS. However, SACOPS recommends depository (free) government documents titles which do not require registration be an exception. We might start by identifying new, online-only government document journal titles.

3) AUL/PSC Report - JEB

The Web Advisory Committee (WAC) has met and its new charge distributed to SACOPS. The 13 member committee is electing a chair and will break into small groups to work on specific areas or "information streams." Sam McDonald, in consultation with WAC, is designing a new "look & feel" for the libraries homepage.

The Instructional Service Committee will meet soon, and its charge distributed to SACOPS.

The Network Printing Committee has drafted a proposal which will be forwarded to Purchasing for bids. Two options will be investigated: to use existing equipment and seek a software solution, and to totally out-source networked printing. All RUL libraries are included in the proposal.

JEB attended the 2nd Rutgers conference on undergraduate teaching and a Palinet conference on digitizing collections.

4) Systems/ LIS Updates

Ann Montanaro reported the Systems Department is in the process of filling an open position. Dave Hoover is working on VALE, which is projected to go live Nov.16, as well as updating the OVID databases. Unicorn "Reports" training will begin soon.

SACOPS agreed not to require permission notes from reference librarians on electronic RRS requests for reference books among the 3 geographical campuses (Newark, Camden and New Brunswick/Piscataway). The A Team will forward the requests and the filling library will, as in the past, make the final decision about circulating reference books to a remote campus for 3 days, in-library use.

Based on LIS PAC discussions, Ann Scholz-Crane asked SACOPS to reconsider its recommended Status for approval books, from "Under Consideration" to "Pending." Agreed. The "Pending" status will start appearing in IRIS soon, and will be eligible for RRS. The Location of approval books will be TSB.

5) Planning Update.

JEB will ask absent members to post their ideas about planning Strategies for the following activities: Ellen, Rank #7, Improve existing records to assist in more complete and effective retrieval, and Tom, Rank #7, Create finding aids for specialized materials.

Ann Montanaro asked for clarification of Rank #7, Create mechanisms to link catalog records to the digital full text [we are are already doing this] and to link electronic databases to library holdings [how far to we want to go? depending on what the vendor uses for look up, strategy will be different for every database]. By title, we would like to know yes/no we have it or not, and what our holdings are, and if available electronically full text. Linking to the IRIS record for holdings might be possibility.

Agreed to revise wording in Rank #3 Strategies, "basic course and offering a library course" will replace "basic course [vs.] offering a library course."

6) UnCover Report.

Discussion included the following issues: display of Rutgers holdings, lack of report/usage information from CARL and dissatisfaction with having to massage raw statistical data locally, need for training of participants and suggestion to require attendance at training sessions before issuing passwords, how we identify eligible (Camden) users, blocking delivery of titles owned vs. paying twice for titles and what is a tolerable wait for delivery of RUL-owned articles, concern about future commitment and user expectations after the pilot is finished, how will the pilot will be evaluated (what needs were met that were not being met/could not be met before, testing for equity, pretest valid only if current RRS users are studied), and interest in the issues selection librarians are discussing re. the report.

Next meeting: Wednesday, November 18, 9:30 a.m. at Dana Library, Newark.

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