Minutes of March 25, 1999 Meeting [SACOPS]

Susan Beck, Ben Beede, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Ellen Calhoun, Ilona Caparros, Jeris Cassel, Judy Gardner, Ron Jantz, Harriette Hemmasi, Jackie Mardikian, Ann Montanaro, Penny Page, Bob Sewell, Thelma Tate
Tom Frusciano, Ann Scholz-Crane

Agenda and Minutes

AUL/PSC Report - JEB

Camden representatives have requested that we meet in Camden in June rather than May. The May meeting will be in New Brunswick. The next regular meeting will be Thursday, April 22, in Newark, 9 a.m.

Four responses have been received to our networked printing request for proposal. The committee is evaluating them.

Dave Hoover expressed need for some public services help to review VALE documentation and the setup and expand understanding of the search engine. Ann Scholz-Crane, Linda Langschied, and Helen Hoffman are trying to schedule with Dave. Jeanne has also asked them to look into what portions of SiteSearch documentation can be brought forward into librarian and user documentation.

Jeanne met with Ellen Calhoun, Mary Fetzer, Rhonda Marker, who convened, Wen Hua Ren, and John Maxymuk to discuss government documents issues. They also discussed if there is a need for a government documents group and what type of group it should be. They recommended a systemwide group that should be multi-SAC and appointed. Minutes are forthcoming.

Jeanne will be meeting with Rebecca Gardner and Ann Watkins to receive the report of the Extended Campus Services Task Force. They will join us next month for a presentation and discussion.

The Remote Access guide is completed. Jeanne asked if it should also be available in print, and if the text should be augmented for the print version since so much relies on links. The recommendation is to print and keep the text exactly as it will appears on the web page.

The downloading and printing guide is in process. Testing and revision work was going on in several places. Jeanne spoke with Leslie Murtha, the author, and issued a call for volunteers to help her make the guide ready for the public. Mary Page and Rosemary McAndrews are now assisting her.

Two Internet workshops for our Friends members will be held next month. Jeris Cassel and Kevin Mulcahy are teaching them. These sessions are well received and appreciated.

Sam McDonald would like comments on the page for web search engines on our new web site prototype. Jeanne asked Jeris to have the instruction committee look.

Jeanne has prepared a preliminary proposal for providing library services to the Technology Center of New Jersey. Different levels of service and remuneration to the libraries will be proposed, ranging from the existing $60 corporate card to providing a full service on site library by contract. There are a few more revisions to make to the proposal, and then it will be shared for comment.

No institution that is a member of the ACRL Public Services Directors of Large Research Libraries group is using Web of Science linked with document delivery. ISI has been queried, but no response has been received. The University of Delaware did their own programming to link document delivery to the Web of Science database with their holdings blocked. A group will be appointed to work on the Web of Science roll out. Ideas on competencies we need on it and expressions of interest are welcome.

There was discussion when CRL visited last year about giving CRL a higher presence on our web pages, possibly even listing them in the list of Rutgers libraries pages. We have also considered loading CRL records into IRIS, but that would mean a group of records that do not work with RRS and other services - something SACOPS expressed concerns about for Sage. Z39.50 may be preferable. Jeanne asked Ron Jantz to have WAC make a recommendation for placement on our web pages.

Two items from Cabinet are:

  1. Budget Advisory committee for the long range plan has met twice and is working on the collections area. SACCDM and Bob, especially, and Samson have been developing budget models. The group is very high level, interested, and motivated.
  2. There will apparently be a capital facilities improvement program, and Cabinet reviewed and a number of projects to send forward, including Robeson renovation, CIIT, D21, Kilmer, Science Libraries, Annex shelving and HVAC, and Alexander HVAC. Facilities will have a great deal to say about how what projects are selected, and we suspect they have an interest in fixing pesky HVAC systems, and so forth. As the program descriptions that go with the proposed facility changes come along, Jeanne will bring them to SACOPS for discussion.

Jeanne attended the OCLC Research Library Directors Annual Conference held March 15-18th. The topic was “Transforming the enterprise”. She shared notes from the plenary sessions and two post conference OCLC Institute sessions on knowledge access management.

Systems / LIS Updates - AM/JG/AS-C/others

Ann Montanaro distributed database use statistics. She reported on several items:

Judy Gardner reported on several items:

In response to a question, Judy noted that guests are not eligible for ILL but that the system does not automatically check for status when a guest fills out the online form. The system does check for RRS. There was comment that a user in Camden missed the submit button for RRS because they had to scroll to see it. Anyone with similar reports from users should send them to Judy.

Sound Cards in Public PCs - AM

Ann Montanaro said that the PC Working Group recommended that there be no sound cards in public machines. Acting on that recommendation, systems removed sounds cards from public and classroom machines and installed them in 30-40 staff machines. There is now a request for sound cards in public machines because of the many Internet resources that have sound and because sound is needed for instruction purposes. The Knowledge Maze being developed in New Brunswick will have sound. There was discussion about the purpose and importance of sound in the Knowledge Maze. It was recognized that the Music Library and Media must have sound, that it will be useful for users with disabilities, and that it is needed in electronic classrooms. Ann will determine the cost for sound cards and head sets for all instructional machines and in two public machines per library systemwide. She will work with the PCWG to determine the actual distribution once they are acquired. Judy Gardner will work with the Access Services Committee to plan how headsets can be and led through the reserve process. It was recommended that future equipment should be sound capable.

Access to Free Internet Databases - JEB, others

Jeanne distributed a packet of sample screens showing PubMed available through Ideal from the RUL web indexes page, the NLM PubMed site, the US Department of Education ERIC site, and open databases available through Galileo. Jackie Mardikian explained that PubMed links to our Ideal full text journal through either the Ideal or PubMed sites. PubMed also provides access to other useful databases that many universities have included in their packages. We may be able to rely on PubMed instead of Ovid Medline down the road when it is more fully developed. PubMed is improving on a daily basis and is more current than Ovid Medline. Commercial Medline providers were upset when NLM offered it free on the Internet through PubMed, so it is likely we will not see the same enhancements as on the commercial side. Jackie is reviewing the full text archive, and Ovid vs. PubMed is an issue raised with recent focus groups with UMDNJ researchers.

Topics in the discussion that followed this introduction were: other Grateful Med databases are available through PubMed by clicking in the side bar, they will all be moving into PubMed, we should catalog all our databases in IRIS, we are not now cataloging all Internet government resources because the area is so volatile, perhaps such items as free databases are the reasons we have subject web pages, we could catalog all the PudMed related databases in IRIS, we need to review the cataloging in IRIS for Medline, there are other government databases such as Energy Research Abstracts.

It was recommended that the next SACOPS meeting be held in a facility with Internet connections so we can review the PubMed suite and other similar databases. Jackie and Ellen Calhoun will prepare the demonstration. A recommendation for cataloging and web availability will follow.

Network Downtime - HAH, JEB

Harriette Hemmasi distributed copies of an exchange of memos she has had with RUCS about the consistent network downtime for maintenance on Thursday evening in New Brunswick/Piscataway. The constant scheduling for Thursday evening disenfranchises those whose schedules require that they use the libraries at that time as well as those who teach or take classes that rely on technology. Suggestions, in priority order, for a recommendation back to RUCS are: develop flexibility in staffing so that maintenance can occur on the weekends, schedule maintenance for after 9 or 10 pm on Thursdays, change the notification message to indicate that the network may come back up at any time. It was also recommended that notices stating that the downtime may be shorter than announced be posted in each library. Jeanne will draft on wording and distribute it for comment via email.

Discussion Topic: RU Online - HAH, JEB, RGS

Harriette distributed working guidelines developed by the AULs for defining and cataloging electronic resources in IRIS. She also distributed examples of records from IRIS that showed 856 links to different types of materials: full text or image, abstract, advertisement, table of contents, etc.

A primary issue was the relationship of an 856 to the library designation RU Online. Should there be an 856 only when the link is to full text or full image? Should URLs for related materials be moved to a 500 note? Only URLs in an 856 can be hot linked. For the Wiley and Oxford online journal packages, some titles are available now only with abstracts, but they will become full text in the future. There will not be time for catalogers to go back and add URLs when each title becomes available in full text. If we add URLs in the 856 for related materials that are not the actual full text or full image of the cataloged items, we need to add RU Online only for those items that are full text or full image. Just the absence of RU Online is not sufficient to inform our users that the full text or image may not be available. We also need a note in the 856.

The final recommendations are to:

Round Robin

Judy Gardner updated us on on several issues:

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Jeanne Boyle

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