Undergraduate Colleges Working Group

Public Services Council
Undergraduate Colleges Working Group
J. Boyle, S. Harrington, and M. Wilson
May 23, 2005

The Public Services Council requested that the Undergraduate Colleges Working Group review library relationships with the undergraduate colleges.

The Council's goal is to foster a close working relationship with the undergraduate colleges. Members of the Undergraduate Colleges Working Group were specifically charged with gaining an understanding of how the undergraduate colleges are organized and determining the Libraries most logical point of contact.

The members of the working group reviewed the university's current undergraduate structure. One option reviewed was the appointment of a liaison (or liaisons) between the Libraries and the undergraduate colleges. Such a liaison would serve as a point of contact with the undergraduate colleges in order to exchange relevant information, and, if appropriate, to develop programs. For example, the liaison would serve the dual functions of keeping the libraries informed of orientations and related programs, as well as alerting the colleges of the Libraries promotional materials, etc.

The group noted that a liaison between the Libraries and the undergraduate departments may be useful in New Brunswick and Newark, but that the scale of the New Brunswick campus may make the identification of an appropriate liaison a challenge.

The group interviewed the campus directors to gather their thoughts about appointing undergraduate liaisons. The Camden campus is so small that a separate liaison is probably unnecessary, but directors thought that the Newark and New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses might benefit.

The Working Group also notes that there is a Presidential initiative to review undergraduate education that will impact how the colleges are organized and may redefine their roles. Until this issue is resolved, it may be wise for the Libraries to continue the current practice of the directors' serving as primary liaisons. That role can be strengthened with closer working relationships with the librarian faculty fellows in each college on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus.

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