Minutes of April 1, 2003 meeting

Michelle Best (recorder), Salvatore Cardinale, Sondra Bodner, Azon DeChavez, Pat Jones, Julie Kaufman, Yuhwei Ling, Kayla Reichardt, Clotilde Twagiramariya


  1. Approval of previous minutes
  2. MARC statistics
  3. Update on MARC Project
  4. Continued review of guide sheet

1. The group reviewed and approved the minutes of the previous meeting.

2. Basic Folder

The discussion of the Basic folder started because ALEX receiving staff were putting holding code and call# information in the binding folder and claims staff at LSM were using the vendor title# field of the basic folder for the same information. On all reports, the vendor title# field appears, but not the binding folder fields hence the need to determine one place to put the holding code and call# information. The most logical place is the vendor title# field which appears on ALL our reports.

a. Vendor Title# Field – This is an open field consisting of 20 characters. Due to the length of holding codes and call#’s, a holding code standard will be formulated for this procedure using a 1 or 2 letter code. EXAMPLE: R-Q311.132. The claims processing group will also be consulted on the procedure used since this information would be helpful in processing claims. Once the procedure is in place, it is possible that a student at each location will be trained for this project.

3. MARC Project:

a. ALEX is approximately halfway done with the Marc project while LSM is complete. Julie is going to establish a deadline for ALEX based on the number of titles left and the approximate length of time it takes to create the Marc holding for each title.

b. The SCIENCES encountered brief records with controls attached [during the Marc project] for sample titles. LSM used to use this method as opposed to ALEX’s samples/decision file for notifying receivers of titles that were received regularly but not kept. LSM within the last year or two moved to ALEX’s way of doing this, hence requiring us to remove these records from IRIS when uncovered during the Marc project. These were the majority of RC problems.

c. As for the HUMANITIES Julie has emailed selectors regarding new titles that have not been received for quite some time (failed subscriptions) to see if the selector is still interested in obtaining the title. These records can be closed if the selector no longer desires the title. The majority of the problems encountered at ALEX stem from N.J. and U.S. depository titles. Most of these problems fall into the claims processing group and are currently being worked on.

d. This project has enabled the department to analyze and evaluate the records more closely resulting in a major clean up of the records down the road.

4. Review of the Guide Sheet

As the discussion began on the guide sheet, the group expressed a need for a procedure for CD processing. Several questions arose as to what a receiver should do from the onset of receiving a CD.

5. Statistics as of 3/28/03:

Current Marc Holding Statistics

Current controls updated = 4819
Remaining current controls = 1,565

Current controls updated = 3,515
Remaining current controls = 380

Current Receiving Statistics

HUM - 2,879
SCI - 2,535


Procedures for CD processing

1. New CD – give to receiving coordinator to make decision. In most cases the receiving coordinator will need to check with the selector.

2. CD accompanying a journal – when a CD accompanies a journal on a regular basis, there is no control record for the item, and is it not a supplement or index to the journal, the CD will need to be given to the receiving coordinator to determine whether a separate control record is needed. It is up to the receiver to notice the receiving pattern.

3. CD incorporated into the paper record. Example: a journal published quarterly; issues no. 1 & 2 received in paper, no. 3 received in CD format and no. 4 received in paper – It is important that the CD is added to the proper shelf location. Kayla suggested documenting this CD issue to follow up with a standard. Once this standard is in place, the procedure will be added to the guide sheet and eventually to the procedure manual.

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