Minutes of March 1, 2005 meeting

Asuncion DeChavez (Chair), Michelle Best, Sondra Bodner, Sal Cardinale, Yuhwei Ling, Natascha Owens, Rebecca Martinez, Clotilde Twagiramariya, Linda Zuckerman, Neera Sondhi (Recorder)


  1. Welcome Linda to the group
  2. Kluwer update
  3. Recap on Bind-Reports / pulling for bindery
  4. Extended Info – latest version
  5. Cat/Sep Titles – About how many titles are you checking in?
  6. Using Distribution Folder – upcoming testing
  7. Round Robin

1. Linda Zuckerman was introduced and welcomed by the group as our new member. We all extend our good wishes to her.

2. Rebecca has not received the final list of what we will be getting in print from Kluwer, so please be careful when receiving Kluwer titles. Look out for notes from Rebecca in the Extended Info.

3. LSM receivers are now pulling books for bindery, this also enables them to keep up with what’s out on the shelves and if they notice anything unusual they can investigate it further. Receivers have been asked to pull by 10:00am everyday, in order to assist Bindery for tracking their time and keeping certain stats.

4. The Extended Info Project is in progress. Extended Info Format Standards were handed out by the coordinator’s. Most of the standards will be the same except for some minor changes. If the receiver’s need to make a change or add a note, they can do so but please put the date so that if later the info in the note is obsolete it can be removed.

5. There are still few titles being sent for CAT/SEP. Everyone was polled and about 3 or 4 titles were being sent by the receivers for cataloging.

6. Distribution Folder testing will first be done at Alex conceivably by the end of the fiscal year. This will enable the receivers to receive a title in one control record for multiple libraries. For example: if a title is being received at Alex and Klmr it may be possible to receive both together in the same control record.

7. The group discussed the issue of pulling material that is ready to bind with a claimed issue. Nothing was finalized. Rebecca will concur with Gracemary on this topic.


  1. Receivers will pull the bindable unit only after the next issue is received.


  1. Michelle will ask Joan, if she remembers the reason for changing the procedure for bindable units with claimed issues; ie leaving the issues on the shelf until missing issue is received.
  2. Rebecca will discuss with Gracemary, if we should be pulling the bindable unit for claimed issues and keep them on a shelf marked with a color code.
  3. Receiving coordinator’s will further discuss pending issues and get back to the group with the outcome.
  4. Receiving Coordinator’s will inform the group once the decision is made for the claimed issues.


  1. Decision on if the receivers will pull the received as well as the claimed issues from the shelves.

Next meeting:Tuesday, May 03: Alex: 10:00am

Next recorder: Clotilde Twagiramariya
Back up recorder: Linda Zuckerman

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