Rutgers Libraries Task Force on Research Data Implementation: Charge

The task force on Research Data Implementation is charged with establishing an administrative and evaluation framework for the deposit of research data in RUcore. This implementation process will inform the development of a university data policy by the office of General Counsel working with our Libraries Copyright and Licensing Librarian.

The task force should involve other individuals as necessary to do its work, and engage at the outset with the office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to ensure that the implementation addresses issues of importance to the research faculty and appropriate administrative offices. The task force should also liaise with the Committee on Scholarly Communication through its chair, Laura Mullen. Janice Pilch, Copyright and Licensing Librarian, will work separately on drafting a data policy. When your draft implementation plan is ready, Janice can review it from the copyright perspective. We believe this two part process will work effectively.

This is a Cabinet Task Force under the joint leadership of Grace Agnew and Melissa Just who will oversee and guide its work on behalf of Cabinet. We expect the plan to be completed no later than December 2014, and Cabinet would expect a progress report mid-way through the process.

The charge to the Task Force is to:

  1. Review the administrative structure of other data repositories that might serve as models.
  2. Review the evaluation process for technical, legal, and confidential issues involving data deposit at other institutions that might serve as models.
  3. Consult with appropriate major stakeholders to ensure that RUL workflows and practices facilitate and do not conflict with policies and practices of those departments, especially the office of the Vice President for Research, and Research and Sponsored Programs.
  4. Establish principles for prioritization of data deposit projects based on RUL strategic priorities. This should include a definition of various types of potential projects to ensure that we have the resources both to host and to sustain projects, ie. federal grants, non-grant funded research, etc.
  5. Develop a framework for evaluation for data deposit in RUcore that includes a questionnaire or series of questionnaires to be used for each data deposit, covering technical, legal, and confidential criteria (similar to the Digital Projects Evaluation Process approved by Cabinet in March 2013).
  6. Develop a corresponding guide on evaluation criteria to provide clarity to subject librarians. (similar to the Deed of Gift Explanation in the RUL Deed of Gift).
  7. Recommend assignments for functional responsibility in the area of data deposit.
  8. Chart a workflow for the data deposit evaluation process.
  9. Determine the major stakeholders at Rutgers who need to be familiar with the RUL data deposit process.
  10. Consult with CISC to assess RUcore hardware and software infrastructure to support immediate, three year and five year needs.

Task Force Members

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