Minutes of December 2000 meeting

Roger Smith, Georgina Alonzo, Zohreh Bonianian, Phyllis Palfy, May Chin, Marc Forster, Eva Kalamotou
Ramon Negron, Myriam Alami

First let me thank everyone who came for a productive and enjoyable holiday meeting!

We opened the discussion with a review of the recent electronic reserve committee meeting and the proposal to move scanning/FTP operations to several local units. The plan was discussed and the need for close attention to staffing and training issues by the e reserve committee during implementation was cited.

For the Spring Semester, continue with the procedures in hand, when 856 tags are created in the initial phase, type up to the spr01, then the copy center will fill in the rest and test the link. Please use ereserve@rci to submit ereserve questions to the copy center.

We discussed the progress of removing reserves by report. On 1/5/2001 Roger will meet with Karen Oster to remove the reserve control records of those units that have indicated they wish to do so.


On the fifth Roger and Karen will also run a report for each unit detailing reserve control records set to “NEVER” as an expiration date. This can be used to weed reserves of old “permanent” items.

The following is of major importance for the ability of each unit to benefit from a report to remove brief records at the end of the spring semester:

Image 1, Image 2 (not provided)

I will double check these requirements and procedures for setting up brief records in a uniform fashion with Karen Oster on 1/5 and will send out a separate email on the subject.

The following is the current procedure for “rolling over” electronic reserves from one semester to the next:

Procedure for "rolling over" Electronic Reserve Files

I. Unit Staff

Receives a request from a faculty member to retain an e reserve file. Unit staff should note whether there are changes to the course title, course number, or faculty member utilizing the .PDF file next semester.

Unit staff sends an email to ereserve@rci.rutgers.edu that details the files that needs to be copied from the current directory to the next semester's. This e-mail should contain any changes in course number and professor's name that must be done to the URL on the server. ereserve@rci.rutgers.edu needs to know both the current course number and professor's name and the new course number and professor's name.

Unit staff then keeps a paper record archive for work that needs to be done locally. Changes to the brief record and control record cannot be made until the semester is over, as it will kill the current semester's active link.

II. Copy Center Staff

Copy center staff will copy the file to the next semester's directory on the web server, editing the file name according to any changes indicated by local staff.

III. Unit Staff

After exams are over, unit staff then edits two records:

* First, the 856 field in the e reserve's brief record must be edited to indicate the change in semester. This is done automatically by the copy center on the server side when "roll overs" are requested and must be done on the brief record as well. Also, any changes necessary to the course number and professor's name must be made, but only those reported to the copy center!

* Second, unit staff must update the reserve control record to reflect the new expiration date, as well as any new course or professor information.

Unit staff then tests the link and reports any problems to ereserve@rci.rutgers.edu

We discussed the reports that are being worked on by Chang, SERC and Bob Warwick to provide closing staff with a list of reserve items still checked out to users at closing time. This is an effort to catch reserve materials returned but not discharged, in order to prevent fines from accruing and patrons complaining, rightfully so. So far the report has been run successfully in the morning, to develop the report to run in the evening, before fines are assigned and notices generated, Bob is working on fitting the report in between other crucial reports that systems runs at that time. In addition, there are questions surrounding the best way to distribute them, either to email addresses of closing staff or to a T drive where they can be accessed by closing staff and used. Stay tuned for more details.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, January 17th from 2-4 PM at the Rutgers Student Center Room 454; sorry the atrium conference room seems reserved for now. As always email and/or call me with any questions or concerns.

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