Minutes of February 21, 2001 meeting

Roger Smith, Zohreh Bonianian, Eva Kalamatousis, Georgina Alonzo, Jan Reinhart, Phyllis Palfy, Marc Forster, Kumu Sivarajan, May Chin, Joanna Karwowska, Irina Loutchkina, Myriam Alami, Dean Meister, Mary Gadek, Ramon Negron, Peter Anderson


  1. From Dean: Reserve Charges report- Make a list of those that are ready. We'll run them in the daytime until they're comfortable using them then we'll move them to the night slot Bob Warwick has set aside for us. Perhaps it's time to move ART/SERC/CHANG reports to the night slot?
  2. ERES-downloading from EJOURNAL instead of scanning/converting. Explanation & Discussion (this topic could wait if you think they're not ready for it yet)
  3. Hand out copies of Frequently Asked Questions--Copyright and Reserves- A guide for Staff-Rutgers university Libraries. Judy gave these to us at the last RUL-Access Services Committee meeting.
  4. Update us on ERESERVE new equipment/scanners etc. status.(Judy discussed at last meeting)
  5. When Judy and Donna were here at Chang I suggested that we add the 856 to the paper copy record to reduce the length of reserve lists and staff processing time.
  6. Message from Judy Gardner regarding removal of fall 2000 reserves-need to standardize on reports for removing.
  7. Stamping of reserve folders, stamp both folder and 1st page of article?
  8. New E-Reserve Forms-Marc Forster
  9. Audio Reserve Trial update-Professor Douglas Johnson’s Music History II course. -Jan
  10. from Dean-I called Acquisitions about how to order a Govt Doc for Reserve use, Mickey says that we send the order to ACQ. with all of the information and they'll place the order for us.
  11. Visits to the copy center
  12. Info Sharing, Next meeting Room 454 College Avenue Student Center

We opened the meeting by welcoming Kumu Sivarajan to our group!

Discussion began with a review of the reserve charges report. Reports are being delivered to Chang/Art/Serc on a daily basis each morning. They are currently being delivered to a finished report that is accessed through a specific user login in Workflows. They are being run in the morning but will soon be moved to an evening spot. Once these three locations are up and running with evening reports any unit that is ready to set a time and user for closing staff to access this function can begin to receive them. The reports are cumulative, so no worries if days are missed. A glitch in reporting that limited results to only e reserve and photocopies has been fixed, all reserves are included. Look for details to follow. Thanks to Dean and Peter and Bob Warwick for their work on this.

Dean Meister briefly discussed the possibility of downloading articles to .pdf format from subscribed journals instead of photocopying/scanning. This would help quality and file size. It will be brought to the attention of the e reserve group.

We handed out and briefly reviewed frequently asked questions regarding copyright and reserve. Let me know if you need another copy. Read it through and keep it handy.

We briefly discussed the upgraded plan to introduce new scanning equipment at units and upgrade existing equipment. We looked over a distribution list and as a group we await the arrival of a firm schedule of implementation in order to plan for training/staffing needs.

We discussed a recent report/email that originated from Judy Gardner. We emphasized the need to remove all control records/brief records from previous semesters. This underscores the need to closely follow agreed upon parameters for creation of these records in order for every unit to utilize reports to remove reserve this spring. I also urge everyone to keep a binder with e reserve transmittal sheets that have system generated reserve barcodes on them, which can be used to track and remove records more easily especially if the brief record no longer has a control record attached.

We discussed the fact that we need to standardize the practice every first page of a paper photocopy article with the copyright disclaimer. Some people were stamping only the folder. May brought up the consideration that many people may need new stamps, I will look into acquiring these with Judy Gardner.

Marc Forster presented some new forms, a new look e reserve transmittal form that provides a logical hierarchy for information we need to present and retain, especially for archival reasons. The form met with a positive response. Don’t submit them to the copy center yet, they need to be reviewed and ok’d by Judy/Donna.

Jan Reinhart from music updated the group on the progress of the audio reserve trial underway at Music. He reported that efforts were being somewhat undercut by the professor involved distributing, or making available, pirate copies of the very music we hoped students would seek on e-reserve. The idea of bringing in another class to better gauge the use of the service is being considered. If you have a sound card and speakers and would like to check out the service it is Professor Douglass Johnson’s Music History II course. Thanks Jan and keep at it!

The subject of purchasing new material for reserve came up. Dean reported that Government documents can be purchased through Mickey at acquisitions (mickeyo@rci, 445-5893). Also staff reported that delivery time for new acquisitions for reserve was much improved this semester.

Books in Print is now available on line.

I brought up the fact that visits to the copy center should continue, and staff that have already done so report that it was a positive experience. Call Donna Cryan and set up and appointment, especially if your unit is set to receive scanning equipment!

It was discussed that some professors want only electronic reserve lists. If this is a trend we can look forward to reduced paper copies at our desks. Please send me a separate email if you have encountered this request, and if possible some number on courses involved and numbers of items.

A request was tabled to re-iterate to Dana and Camden the fact that it is necessary to add the library at the end of the standard course number format i.e. ##:###:###:##(ART). This is essential for file sharing. Representatives from those units have recently been added to the distribution list for this email, and we look forward to sharing experiences, needs and concerns with each other.

We discussed the possibility of combining electronic and paper reserve records into a single item on IRIS. The idea in doing this is to cut down on the length of reserve lists in IRIS. 856 fields can be added directly to the paper copy record. We all agreed that a visual representation of this idea is necessary before we judge its merits. Caution was urged in making unilateral decisions about what is intuitive to the user. Dean volunteered to mock a demo of this in the test system that we can look at and evaluate before the next meeting and the e-reserve group and Judy Gardner will need to look at it. Thank you Dean, Myriam and Marc for your input on this.

We have several questions regarding record problems that need to be brought to Karen Oster’s attention in a timely manner, especially Zohreh’s infamous “Dr. Fishbeine” items that wont go away! I will do so this week.

A major question about extension of “roll over” protocols was raised. We as group assume that e reserve files will be able to be rolled over from spring to summer, but the question was raised whether we can expect a roll over from spring to next fall? I will attain an answer for you shortly, both from the perspective of copyright (Judy) and server space (Copy Cent./systems).

Thank you all for a productive meeting, our next meeting will be Wednesday March 21st from 2:00-4:00pm in room 454 of the College Avenue student center.

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