Minutes of June 20, 2001 meeting

Roger Smith, Kristen Ko, Joanna Karwowska, Ramon Negron, Peter Anderson, Georgina Alonzo, Zohreh Bonianian, Eva Kalamotousis, Kumu Sivarajan, Phyllis Palfy, Irina Loutchkina, Marc Forster, Dean Meister, May Chin, Jan Reinhardt
Christopher Porter, Mary Gadek


  1. W2000 upgrade-problems, questions, icons (RESVSESSION) etc. /Standard properties and
  2. standard toolbars.
  3. RRS/Reserves and W2000
  4. Remove Reserve, future report formatting/Brief Record deletion status
  5. Local scanning, update, training, timetables-update from meeting
  6. Still checked out at closing report for summer.
  7. Year end report-send me notes of accomplishments/projects, etc.
  8. Info Sharing, next meeting, etc.

The meeting began with a discussion of the Workflows2000 upgrade. We discussed the transition to a single icon for checkout and charge reserve. It was noted that this would require specific training for students returning in the fall. A few other problems were pointed out, such as the occasional reserve item that will charge as a term loan. Please continue to send these instances with BC#’s to me.

We reviewed RRS procedures with the upgrade and found there to be little change. Items shipped to reserve desks will not have holds, when discharged the “route to resv-lib” message appears and the item is ready for control records. We did note that there are instances of items arriving primarily from Dana and Camden that still have holds for reserve. I have contacted Bill McNellis of RRS to address this. We also discussed the workflow of materials coming in for reserve from recalls. I believe these may retain a hold for resv-lib, be on the lookout for it and let me know. Pete, I will check your situation as we discussed for SERC.

We discussed the removal of reserves by report for the coming expiration date. Judy Gardner’s memo on the topic was reviewed. The output from the report that lists items removed by report is acknowledged to be unusable, with little or no discernable order. To work around this fact we will be producing a report just prior to the expiration date. This report will list all items on reserve at your location with a given expiration date. For example, a report will be generated for your unit with the expiration date of 8/30 during the final week of August. This will include all items added through the semester. The output for this report is very manageable and we can tailor it to list items neatly, according to course name or instructor, etc. This list can be used to “weed” your reserves, and edit the expiration date as needed to retain material.

**a note on editing reserve records. The following is an excerpt from Judy Garnder’s email that bears revisiting and reviewing as we discussed in the meeting:**

1) “When you Create Reserve and set up a Reserve Control record with expiration date NEVER, individual reserves will automatically be given the expiration date NEVER

2) When you modify the expiration date on a Reserve Control record to a term expiration (1/31, 6/30, or 8/30) date, individual reserve records attached to it are automatically updated to that date.

3) When you modify an individual reserve record’s expiration date to a term expiration date (1/31, 6/30, or 8/30), the corresponding Reserve Control record automatically updates to that date.

4) When you modify an individual reserve record’s expiration date to NEVER, the corresponding Reserve Control record **does not** automatically update to NEVER, but rather retains its expiration date.

Because Remove Reserve Reports operate on Reserve Control and individual reserve records, #4 is not a good option. Use NEVER judiciously for those semi-official “permanent” reserve collections and assign term expiration dates to all other reserve items.”

An error report will still follow the actual running of the removal process, along with a count of how many records were removed.

Bob Warwick continues to review brief record deletion. He will delete brief records created for reserve soon based on the criteria that any brief record not attached to a reserve record will be deleted. Therefore, please be prepared to have all brief records not attached to a control record removed.

We reviewed the ongoing process of implementing the local scanning. Involved staff have attended the Windows 2000 training run by Anne Butman. Equipment and software continues to be delivered and installed at the sites. Several units will be physically prepared late in the week of June 25th. Donna Cryan’s office is preparing documentation and will conduct 1-2 hours on site training sessions. Roger Smith will accompany copy center staff for these sessions. Stay tuned.

I would also like to emphasize the following quote from Judy Gardner:

“Scanners and scanner PCs acquired with Reinvest in Rutgers funds are for electronic reserves and document delivery. Requests from users or library staff to use the scanners and/or scanner PCs for any other purposes or projects should be directed to Jeanne Boyle, AUL for Public Services and Communications. It is expected that staff PCs acquired as part of this initiative will be used for other applications and staff functions.”

Still checked out at closing reports are being implemented for summer hours. I will distribute instructions for loading and using the “finished report” icon to your SIRSI icon toolbar. Once this is up and running, be sure to remove finished reports regularly.

If you haven’t done so already, please send me a list of reserve accomplishments and projects that you were involved with over the past year. I will include these in the year end report.

Jan Reinhardt reported that Media Services will be using (on a limited basis) the reserve module for circulation of their material. These plans are still in the works and if any assistance is needed we stand ready!

Several questions were raised. In terms of emailing e reserve files, faculty can send them directly to ereserve@rci. With the implementation of localized scanning, once the documents are loaded by copy center onto the :U drive, you will be able to access it in case you need the title page for naming the file, etc.

If a faculty member points reserve staff to a .pdf file on line, downloading and using that file is acceptable. These files are usually of higher quality and tighter compression than usual because services that post them want to keep file size small. We can digitally add our copyright warning if needed. Thanks May for some great questions.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, July 18th from 2pm-4pm.

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