Minutes of June 18, 2003 meeting

Myriam Alami, Peter Anderson, Raymond Balter, Eva Kalamotousis, Kristen Ko, Irina Loutchkina, Eugene McElroy, Dean Meister, Ramon Negron, Rita O'Donnell, Fred Onorato, Jan Reinhart, Roger Smith(recorder), David Warner, Paul Young


  1. Reserve Removal: Fines/ Brief Records, etc.
  2. Calendar of Events: Additions/Updates
  3. Changes to the Still Checked Out Report
  4. See Also Records
  5. Annual Report - Stats
  6. Jan's Update on Media Reserves: Cable Services
  7. Property Setting on "Individual Reserve" Status - an Update
  8. Info Sharing

1. Reserve Removal: Fines/Brief Records, etc.

The group reviewed the removal process. 5370 control records were removed from spring. Exception lists have been generated and distributed to unit contacts. A decision was made to waive fines for brief records which were excluded from the removal process due to attached fines. Staff are reminded to use "cancelled" rather than "waived" for these fines. Next semester, we will be able to hold patrons to these fines; moving them to a pub note and barring the patron.

From Chris Sterback:

Any item with a hold, when removed from reserve, was set to an ON-HOLD current location and the hold made available even if the item was charged out to a RESV user. I had to edit records at the system level to:

  1. change the current location
  2. reset the flags to make the hold unavailable and
  3. prevent the generation of a hold pickup notice

Staff were reminded to use "check item status" when removing items from reserve and returning them to home locations.

2. Calandar of Events - Additions/Updates

We added a few dates for the reserve calandar, and I will have this posted on the reserve Functional Group documents page through Marc Forster

Reserve Calandar of Events (Draft)

April 15thSend faculty due date reminders
May 1stSummer reserve lists due
May 10thSpring reserves preview lists produced
May 31stSpring expiration date
Remove spring eres directory from server
June 7thRemove spring reserve control records
Remove spring reserve brief records (using April 1st as "born on" date)
Remove spring eres files from U:/
June 15thSend faculty due date reminders
July 1stFall reserve lists due
August 10thSummer reserves preview lists produced
August 31stSummer reserve expiration date
Remove summer eres directory from server
September 7thRemove summer reserve control records
Remove summer reserve brief records (using July 1st as "born on" date)
Remove summer eres files from U:
November 15thSend faculty due date reminders
Spring reserve lists due
January 10thFall reserve preview lists produced
January 31stFall expiration date
Remove fall eres directory from server
February 7thRemove fall reserve control records
Remove fall reserve brief records (using November 1st as "born on" date)
Remove fall eres files from U:/

3. Changes to the Still Checked Out Report

"Test" still checked out reports are running at ALEX, ART, LSM, KILMER and MATH, which include LC cataloged material. These are running a few minutes apart from the "old" reports. Should they run with no problem in the summer they will become the standard new still checked out at close report.

4. See Also Records

Draft almost ready, will distribute before next meeting. Procedure in place for the fall.

5. Annual Report

I reviewed the planned statistics for the annual report. Group members made some useful contributions including detailing use of REMX fund codes. Draft will be circulated.

6. Jan's Update

Jan reviewed several innovative additions to Media's reserve service and cablecast services. Times for programming were adjusted to meet student requirements. A "media guide" is envisioned being linked through the professor's course reserve listing to provide students with a single location to find when the programming they need will be on. Audio/video reserves are expected to expand this fall, and a staffing concern for file management was discussed.

7. Property Setting on "Individual Reserve" Status - an Update

Initial tests indicated that the property setting of "new status for all copies" under "list of copies", when set to "on reserve" will in fact alter the status of all copies of an item, in hand or not. This field should be left blank and the individual status changed for the copy in hand when creating reserve records.

8. For Next Meeting: See Also Records, Documentation

Next Meeting - Wednesday, July 16th 2-4

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/reserves_group/minutes/reserves_03_06_18.shtml
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