Minutes of May 19, 2004 meeting

Roger Smith(recorder), Dave Warner, Dean Meister, Rita O'Donnell, Kristen Ko, Jan Reinhart, Eugene McElroy, Peter Anderson, Paul Young, Mike Mansouri, Eva Kalamotousis, Zohreh Bonianian, Irina Loutchkina, Myriam Alami, Ramon Negron, May Chin
Fred Onorato


  1. Removal Process Review
  2. Statistics
  3. Updating See Also Records
  4. Projects Review
  5. Info Sharing

Removal Process Review

We took another look at the removal timeline for Reserves. I have been in touch with Imaging Services and Systems and confirmed that the week of June 7th is set for removal of Reserve brief and control records. In addition the U:/ and web server will be wiped of Spring 04 files. Please work on roll over files for the Summer and Fall 04 semester. Re-FTPing files from Web Server will "imprint" them with new created on date, a point to consider when managing copy write. Please remember to discharge library material prior to sending it on to owning libraries. Due to the process of removing queued holds, it is unlikely that material coming off reserve will have holds, however, be attentive to the possibility. In instances where the message comes up "item not charged", please be sure to use "check item status" to place the books back in transit to owning libraries.

When shipping photocopies/professor's copies back to faculty members, please use the campus address indicated in the online directory, unless they have specified otherwise. In addition, it is preferable, especially in instaces of professor's copies, to notify the faculty member via email that the items are being returned to them at their campus address.


The statistics forms have been circulated for the paper copy usage. I have received a number of them in return. Please let me know if you have any questions. This should be the final of four semesters of data collected towards supporting a paperless service. A draft proposal with supporting documents will be forthcoming.

I am a bit concerned at the potential disparity between units in reporting manual charges for reserves. I will look at the unit stats as a whole and communicate through unit supervisors.

Updating See Also Records

Dean has dept up witht the progression of "see also" record formatting and obtained an answer from systems on establishing "fixed links" for webcat sessions that we can use as a direct link to other course/professor records. Patrons will not have to go back to the search screen to start a search for the reference course or professor, they will simply click on the link provided. This needs to be tested out and our documentation revised. More to come.

Projects Review

Documentation is being reviewed for the RUL level Staff Resources page. Pete Anderson is noting changes to be made to outdated documents, as well as removal of duplicate/superfluous directions. These edits will be presented to Judy Gardner for posting by Sam.

Kristen and Rita reported that the Access Database for tracking REMX purchases is nearly ready. The group reviewed some more finalized screen shots and offered some suggestions for queries/reports. The database was designed in Access 97, assuring forward compatibility with updated versions. I will meet with Kristen and Rita to review the product, target installation date is July 1st, if not sooner.

Info Sharing

I added a section to the web documentation for receiving files as attachments to emails (PDFs):

I am also adding a section on general file conversions.

It was pointed out that ZIP files are now prohibited as attachments through the RCI system. Faculty can still deliver them via ZIP disk.

We briefly discussed the focus and priority of the group for the rest of the fiscal year. Priorities are as follows: update documentation, conduct ERES meeting and get approval on planned service changes, group annual report, prepare for paperless reserves in fall, update all handouts.

Dean raised an excellent discussion point in that RUL will be a beta test site for the new SIRSI software release slated for this summer. This could indicate a software release more apt to have "bugs" than previous releases. Furthermore, the new software represents a significant departure from current architecture, and is expected to be a more "windows" like environment capable of handling more configuration and multitasking. A close look at how reserve operations will be affected will be undertaken as soon as release notes/test system becomes available. Student training will be a priority as we approach the new semester in the fall shortly after this platform is slated to be implemented.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, June 16th, 3:00pm in the Alexander Pane Room

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