Minutes of meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, Dean Meister, May Chin, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Eugene McElroy, Myriam Alami, Kristen Ko, Rita Post, Mike Mansouri, Roger Smith, Dave Warner
Peter Anderson
Janet Howard and Judit Ward, Melanie Robinson, Penny Weniger


  1. Visit from Janet Howard and Judit Ward to discuss reserve ordering process
  2. Checking our calendar...
    • File size check
    • Letter to faculty
  3. Statistics on paper use
  4. Information Sharing, next meeting

Visit from Janet Howard and Judit Ward to discuss reserve ordering process

The group was very pleased to welcome Janet and Judit to our meeting to review all aspects of ordering reserve books through the monograph order form online. Judit and Janet began by giving us an overview of the process. After orders are received from reserve staff, they are generally ordered from Barnes & Noble, who have offered the most consistent processing time for rush orders. Amazon has not been as consistent with stocking and pricing, and so far Yankee has been ok. Keep in mind we cannot order used copies from Amazon as of right now.

Priority one requests, once received at TSB, are usually put through processing in a matter of days.

In filling out the form, it would be useful for acquisitions staff if reserve staff indicated their name or at least initials as a contact.

Please include the ISBN number for ordered books whenever possible.

When ordering an additional copy of an item already owned by RUL, inclusion of the Bib record from IRIS would be helpful. Otherwise, the bib information including ISBN from Barnes & Noble or BIP would be fine.

Please include the semester of the course you are ordering for. This will help in prioritizing.

In the notify field on the book ordering form, please do not put the professor's name. Use this for staff name or initials as materials will only be sent/reserved for the RESV staff member at each unit.

When ordering multiple copies of books, it would be helpful for TAS staff to have a brief explanation, citing the need for more than one copy. This helps weed out errant multiple requests.

Foreign titles are available, but these of course will take more time. Some vendors do respond quickly and have the items to us in a few weeks, but it all depends on shipping.

In response to a question on shipping, TAS agreed to ship directly to reserve staff. This will greatly assist those units where local CM staff have to sort their incoming materials and often delay delivery of reserve orders by a day or more.

It was suggested that at some point a tour be taken of the acquisitions process at TSB as part of a future meeting.

We discussed the acquisitions database that we are using internally, and it was acknowledged as an important back up tool for the process as a whole, especially when questions of collection development arise.

It was confirmed that the REMX reserve code has never operated (as far as reserve staff know) with budgetary limitations. Traditionally we have ordered material without regard to expenditure and only have been questioned on extremely expensive items.

We concluded that as a policy we will continue to order textbooks as required for courses requesting them. That is a local policy decision, not one made or enforced by acquisitions. We also need to explore the function and process of ordering E books and placing them on reserve.

Many thanks to Janet and Judit for attending our meeting and helping to clarify an important process.

Checking our calendar...

File size check

This week we will be doing a file size check on all of your U:/ folders. Files larger than 1.4mb should be split into smaller parts. Please look at your folders this week and next and attend to any oversize files.

Letter to faculty

We reviewed alterations to our standard letter to faculty announcing the due date for reserve material. We included a statement reflecting the new "no paper copy" policy for articles. The due date for Spring 05 material is December 1st. Please review and edit the letter with your unit's information and distribute the first or second week of November (no later than 11/17 per our calendar. Let me know if you have any questions.

Statistics on paper use

We reviewed a simplified statistics sheet that I will ask you to return by our next meeting. This sheet will tally any remaining paper copies placed on reserve. I encourage you to please use the comments section to record any stated reasons why faculty members continue to insist on paper copies.

Information Sharing, next meeting

It was stated that it was useful to have the adobe 6.0 plugin information handy as a remedy to compatibility issues at the desk.

Dean Meister reports network connectivity problems at Chang that have hindered the FTP process and management of the U:/ drive. They are working with Nick Gonzaga on a remedy.

There was a discussion of the impact of the "static URL" style reference record. Several reports of complaints/confusion from faculty members and reference staff on the functionality of this format have been received. I do believe ultimately the static URL is the best way to accomplish this, however in the interim we should stick to the traditional see also record. We will continue to research this.

Zohreh Bonianian reports that it is useful to clearly label the Professor's Copies when they are used for multiple classes as being for both courses.

It was stated that it would be useful to have the spring 05 webserver directory available as soon as possible.

Kristen Ko is working on a project to clean up older records still on reserve removal exception lists.

Next meeting is Wednesday, November 17th from 3-4:30 in the LSM special collections room.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, November 17th 3-4:30 LSM special collections room.

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