Minutes of March 16, 2005 meeting

Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, Kristen Ko(recorder), May Chin, Ramon Negron, Mike Mansouri, Joseph Asaro, Fred Onorato, Dean Meister, Zohreh Bonianian
Peter Anderson, Myriam Alami, Rita Post, Dave Warner
Jan Reinhart, Eugene McElroy


  1. Update on Current Projects
  2. Having “Electronic” as a Call Number for Articles on Reserve Only
  3. Mid-Year Report.
  4. Workflows Upgrade and Reserve Module
  5. Training on Adobe-Acrobat v.6
  6. Reference Books, Periodicals Requested for Reserve
  7. What to do when Books are out of Print
  8. Information Sharing

Update on Current Projects:

Ramon is currently removing old holds on items that are now on reserve. After removing the holds, patrons can request items from PALCI/ILS if still needed.

Rita is finishing up converting past group minutes into html format so that the minutes can be accessible from the Access Services website. She is almost complete.

Dean is continuing to test the syllabus format. With the new login using NETID there was a conflict with the reserve lists with syllabus format. Some users reported that they couldn’t access the efiles from the linked PDF. Converting documents to html format seems to solve this problem. Dean will present this project in the next ereserve committee meeting. There will be training for reserve staff members to implement the syllabus format project. More to follow.

Having “Electronic” as a Call Number for Articles on Reserve Only

Zohreh reminded the group that ELECTRONIC should be the Call Number used when creating electronic reserve readings. Photocopies should no longer be used.

Mid-Year Report

The group reviewed the mid-year report compiled by Roger Smith. One of the biggest changes was the end of paper copies for articles. “See also records” were created and implemented.

The annual report will focus on the syllabus format. More information on training for staff will be discussed in next meeting.

Workflows Upgrade and Reserve Module

The Workflows upgrade has been implemented. Zohreh reported that she not heard of any problems with the Reserve module. Dean reminded members to check properties. Dean also gave out instructions on how to check for brief titles that were created with out being shadowed.

Training on Adobe-Acrobat v.6

Group members expressed that the adobe training that was offered by Imaging Services was not as in-depth as they would have liked. It was suggested for another more detailed training, specializing with scanning images. Another recommendation was having an individualized personal training session at each location. Zohreh will check with Darryl Voorhees from Imagining services for his availability.

Reference Books, Periodicals Requested for Reserve

Zohreh reminded members that REF books from other location couldn’t be placed on reserve. Only if the Reference librarian gives permission from the owning library, can the item be put on reserve. It was also suggested in the group that we could order the REF item title to be purchased for reserves if the book is in high demand.

Bound Periodicals also cannot be requested from another location to be placed on reserve. Professors will need to make photocopies of the sections needed and then the articles can be scanned and placed on as electronic reserve. If the professor would like the whole issue placed on reserve, staff will need to order the issue to be purchased. We cannot place a whole issue on electronic reserve.

What to do when Books are out of Print

Professors can place their personal copy on reserve as a Professor’s copy. If no copy is available, staff should order the title indicating status of book is out of print. Acquisitions will try to acquire the title by buying a used copy.

Information Sharing

Mike Mansouri’s functional group membership has changed. Group thanked Mike for his contributions at SERC and reserve functional group, and wish him best in joining the other functional group.

Fred inquired if damaged books should be sent out for reserve. Group agreed that damaged items should not be sent. Reserve staff that requested the item should be contacted and made aware. The damaged item should be sent to collection services to be repaired.

Next meeting: Wednesday, April 20. Special Collections Room, LSM. 3:00PM

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