Minutes of June 21, 2006 meeting

Irina Loutchkina, Eva Kalamotousis, May Chin, Joseph Asaro, Shawn Moriarty, Kristen Ko, Alfreda Richardson, Dave Warner, Kevin Conover, John Rake, Debra Goldberg, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Adam Wolfson, Zohreh Bonianian
Shawn Rogers, Linda Becker, Peter Anderson (excused)


  1. Announcements
  2. Imaging Services
  3. Removal of Spring Reserves
  4. Workflows GL3.0 and next upgrade to GL3.1
  5. Reserve lists in IRIS
  6. REMX Fund
  7. Review of Academic Calendar
  8. Annual report
  9. Information Sharing


Meeting started by welcoming Judy Gardner as guest.

Adam Wolfson at the Chang Library is the newest member of the group. Group welcomed him and is looking forward to working along side him.

Debbie Goldberg traveled from Camden and was able to join the group in person.

Imaging Services

Darryl Voorhees from Imaging Services was invited to discuss upcoming changes. Handouts were distributed on new copier proposal. New equipment would be more cost effective. Large print jobs would be re-routed to multi-functional machines. Current document feeder scanners used to process electronic reserves would be replaced by the multi-functional copy/scanner feeding machines. The new machines would effect the way in electronic reserves would be processed.

Small branches would not be effected by the change. Branches would continue to send articles to be scanned to Imaging Services.

New Adobe software has compressed file sizes and made files more manageable. Darryl reminded the branches sending articles to be scanned to break down the articles into 10-15 pages if they contain images or graphics.

To ensure the best quality of scanning, Darryl has also scheduled for the scanners to be checked twice a year by Imaging Services Staff.

Removal of Spring Reserves

Reserve preview lists were distributed May 10th by Dean. Zohreh has been trained will run reports in the future. Reserve control records were removed the week of June 4th. Brief title records will be removed the week of July 5th.

The "Still checked out reports" have been suspended for the summer, except for the Alexander Library. Reports will resume in the Fall.

Workflows GL3.0 and next upgrade to GL3.1

Zohreh shared she has not experienced any problems with the Workflows GL3.0, but she has noticed a few changes. In the Modify title command next to the 856 field, the link will now show and if clicked on will upload the document. Also reserve items charged out near closing, will have the due time revert to the next day.

Staff was encouraged to report any changes or problems with the reserve module to Zohreh.

The next upgrade to GL3.1 and J-client is planned during winter break. Reserve would be at its peak during this period. The good news is that J client could be installed on the reserve staff member's PC now and they could familiarize themselves with this new version ahead of time. In July reserve staff will have this software install on their computers. Zohreh has started using the J Client and she has been in contact with Chris Sterbeck about problems that she has noticed. Group will let Zohreh know if they need to have training for the J client. So far it has been noticed that "Home" Wizard is missing from this version. It was reminded that properties should be set prior to using the J client.

Reserve lists in IRIS

Stephanie Bartz notified Zohreh that in iLink some modification has been done, the button bar (including Next and Previous) displays at the bottom of each reserve screen as well as at the top. What hasn't been resolved is the results numbering from one screen to the next. Each page begins back at number 1 regardless of the total number of items. IPAC gave two options to display the reserves in IRIS. One is to leave as is and the second option is to have entire reserve list in a single screen. The group voted and decided on the second option. This would eliminate confusion to our users.


Questions were raised regarding the REMAX Fund. The group inquired whether this fund would be affected by the budget cut. Until further notice the group was instructed to continue ordering as usual. Staff will be notified if there are any changes.

Review of Academic Calendar

Group made suggestions last year in regards to changing the dates for removal of reserve control record and brief titles.

Members collectively reviewed the calendar this year and it was requested that Spring reserve control records be removed earlier to the week of May 25th.

Also was suggested to have removal reports run on a Tuesday or Wednesday, when all staff are present. Since the status of the books shows as being in the "STACKS', the books belonging to other libraries should be put "IN-TRANSIT" and sent back immediately.

Annual report

Members reviewed the group's goal over the past fiscal year. There were many goal accomplished. Some of the highlights mentioned were: training on conversions of different file formats led by Imaging Services, increase of file sizes for e-reserve, suggestion of changes to the Access Services Calendar, and cleaning up of old reserve records.

Some of the ongoing goals of the group are: the syllabus format project, electronic reserve survey for faculty and possibilities of integrating reserves with course management software.

Information sharing

Those who are in the Sirsi Web Forum list were reminded to check this site regularly and bring any new suggestions, and enhancements to the group. They also need to change their password for accessing this site.

May shared that she has received more summer reserve lists this year.

Ramon will be sending out another reminder letter to faculty for Fall reserves lists.

Debbie is experiencing problem with the FTP software sometimes. Camden may need to have a newer version of this software. Her concern will be looked into it.

A hand out was distributed with a comparison of the reserve lists removed by spring05 and spring 06. At some units a drastic drop was noticed. This was because of space limitations, some units removed the reserves manually, resulting in drop of the statistics. Group was advised to put Personal copies and electronic files on Prepare, so the system would remove them and not lose the statistics. However this can't be done for library books. Judy mentioned with the help of Director's Station in the future the statistics will be more accurate.

Alexander staff shared with the group a problem they encountered when removing the annual reports. These reports had expiration dates of "NEVER". In order for these records to be removed by the system, modify reserve globally was utilized to change the expiration of never to 5/31. However it was noticed that system did not remove these records. Checking the records showed that the modify reserve globally only changed the Individual reserve expiration date to 5/31/06 and the Reserve control record remained as "NEVER". As a result the system could not remove these records. It had to be done manually.

Minutes recorded by Kristen Ko

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