Minutes of December 20, 2006 meeting

Peter Anderson, Irina Loutchkina, Eva Kalamotousis, May Chin, Ramon Negron, Joseph Asaro, Kristen Ko, Shawn Moriarty, John Rake, Kevin Conover, Alfreda Richardson, Christine Duffy, Zohreh Bonianian


  1. New Member
  2. Workflows GL3.1
  3. Sakai training
  4. Adding Text to Reserve Services a Guide for Faculty
  5. Creating Reserve Online Form for E-files
  6. Adobe v.7
  7. Reserve Preview List
  8. Information Sharing

New Member

Members welcomed Christine Duffy. Christine is the new UMDNJ/Rutgers liaison. Christine represents LSM in the group.

Workflows GL3.1

An upgrade to WorkFlows is scheduled during the winter break. The reserve module has been tested and no problems are expected. The Alt-circulation rule has been restored with the upgrade, will no longer revert to the next day's due date.

Zohreh reminded all locations to keep same Alt-circ-rule of 2 hours, unless specified differently by faculty.

In the Access Services Committee meeting it was announced that a group will be named and charged with implementing training sessions for access services staff in J Client Workflows. The date for training will be announced later. The date for next upgrade to workflows J client has not been set yet.

Sakai training

Some members of the reserve group attended Sakai training to become familiar on how this course management software works. They found it beneficial. Some tips were discussed on how to answer questions about Sakai and e-reserve.

Course reserves need to have been created and active for at least 24 hours for Sakai to recognize and be able to access the reserves.

Also professors need to be aware that e-reserves are removed at the end of each semester, so links in Sakai will need to be disabled.

Zohreh encouraged those who have not yet attended to sign up for the training.

Adding Text to Reserve Services a Guide for Faculty

A list was distributed with upcoming changes to the text of the Reserve Services - A Guide for Faculty. Information on linking Library reserves to Sakai has been added as well as how to provide the best copy available for articles.

Creating Reserve Online Form for E-files

The number of e-files received for reserve is constantly increasing. Some members have received e-files with no description of author or title. However in the documentation of how to send e- files, it states to include all the information, but it has not been followed. Eva suggested that the group create an online form for e-files, similar to the online reserve request form currently used for books and articles. Group agreed that a field for author, title and a place to attach a file would be sufficient.

Adobe v.7

Due to budget constraints no new licenses for Adobe v.7 have been acquired with the exception of the Art Library for now. As the number of electronic reserves has risen as opposed to hard copy, all the steps should be taken to ensure the processing of reserves in a timely manner. Group members will notify Zohreh if they need to have more Acrobat Adobe v.7 to be installed at their location.

Reserve Preview List

All staff should have received reserve preview lists for their locations. Zohreh ran sole preview list for the Art Library from Directors Station.

Kristen shared that the Directors Station report was more jumbled and harder to read than the traditional preview list and that no call numbers were shown. Directors Station report does not give the option to pull call numbers, so call numbers are not included on the report which makes it difficult to pull books.

Many of the group members use the professor's list and not the preview list when removing books from reserve at the end of each semester. Staff are to continue to use whichever report works best for them.

Group was also reminded to check properties. Set format to Temporary in Add brief title and under Create reserves, set expiration dates correctly: 1/31/YR, 5/31/YR, or 8/31/YR.

Information Sharing

Bob Warwick continuing to work on the display of the numbering of reserve items in IRIS.

Zohreh submitted to Judy Gardner a list of permanent reserves at Douglass to be evaluated of the need to be on permanent reserve.

Alfreda mentioned that SERC also had permanent reserves that did not circulate. That will be the next on the permanent reserve lists for re-evaluation.

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