Minutes of June 17, 2009 meeting

Kevin Conover, Christine Duffy, Debra Goldberg, Eva Kalamotousis, Jill Locascio, Irina Loutchkina Ramon Negron, Gillian Newton, Shawn Rogers, Abdullah Sherzad, Penny Weniger
Zohreh Bonianian, Alfreda Richardson, Linda Becker
Judy Gardner


1) Announcements

Jan Reinhart was welcomed into the reserve group.

Penny Weniger handed out the exception report to the individual units.

2) Standardization of Course names

This sub group met with both Bob Warwick and Stephanie Bartz discuss the standardizing of course names. We found it interesting to see how Reserves were displayed and helped us to understand the need for standardizing course names. The following is what we agreed upon as a group and is based upon Bob and Stephanie's recommendations.

Bob Warwick sent a spreadsheet of 296 remaining Courses that have the old Course Term values without a year (e.g., FALL instead of FALL09). He eliminated any Courses with a Course Term of PERMANENT from the list. The spreadsheet includes Course Name, Course ID, and Course Term for each Course. As well, we will review any Courses that don't get updated to FALL09 to see why they have Reserves attached even though the Courses are not currently being offered (for SUMMER or FALL09). If we can delete all remaining Reserves from these older Courses that are no longer needed then Bob can remove the Courses themselves. Each unit representative will review the spreadsheet for their unit's courses and update/revise as necessary

Bob created four new 'Course Term' values for use in the 'Terms offered' field in newly created Course records:

FALL09 Sep 2009 -- Dec 2009
WINTER10 Winter Intersession (Dec 2009 -- Jan 2010)
SPRING10 Jan 2010 -- May 2010
SUMMER10 May 2010 -- Aug 2010

3) Design of an e-file submission form

Kevin Conover, Ramon Negron, John Rake and Abdullah Sherzad met with Sam McDonald to discuss prospective changes to the way electronic files are submitted. It was decided that we will be retaining many of the current fields available on the current form; however, we will be utilizing a "wizard" which will allow for more than the current 20 items to be added during a single time, as well as adding the ability to attach electronic files directly to the form. Furthermore, rather than sending the electronic files to a particular email inbox which is limited to only 100MB per unit, it may be possible to have files sent directly to a server which increases storage capacity. In order to avoid any potential problems or delays in the processing of reserve materials, it was decided that we will implement the new submission form late October, early November. In addition to these changes, the group may request to have Sam attend the next meeting in order to elaborate on the intricacies involved in this project.

4) Reserve order notification

Judy notified the group of a project currently being worked on by Chris Sterback which entails the capability of being notified by the acquisitions department when books are ordered and received. She presented the group with two options; being notified via email that a book(s) have been ordered once the order is placed, or the second option, being notified that the book(s) have arrived at acquisitions. Most of the group preferred to be notified once the book has arrived at acquisitions, however it may be possible to utilize both notifications. More details will be provided as they develop.

5) Reposition of e-reserves

Due to recent budget issues, and the cost effective analysis measures, Judy discussed the potential future of reserves at RUL. While there are no plans to reduce reserves work from RUL, there is an interest in moving reserve work over to a form of course management. The role of reserves, and the way we operate may change in the future. There will be a creation of a task group to look at the way reserves can be done differently which will cross beyond just Access services. Although there may be changes, reserves still remain as a vital service to the faculty teaching at the University.

The next meeting of the Reserve Group will be held July 15, 2009. Time and place TBA

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