Minutes of August 19, 2009 meeting

Joseph Asaro, Zohreh Bonianian, Irina Loutchkina, Ramon Negron, Gillian Newton, John Rake, Jan Reinhart, Abdullah Sherzad, Penny Weniger
Linda Becker, Kevin Conover, Debra Goldberg, Eva Kalamotousis, Jill Locascio, Alfreda Richardson, Shawn Rogers



A Sakai workshop will be set up to help familiarize the reserve staff to ways in which Sakai readings and courses are set up and in order to allow the group to have Sakai chat meetings. Penny Weniger will be in contact with Andrew Ruggiero and notify the group the workshops date which hopefully will coincide with a monthly meeting date.

Discussion Topics

1. FIGS: First year interest group seminars are courses held only during the fall semester of a particular year. These seminars are taught by undergraduate students, and some special accommodations must be made in order to entitle these students access to media items. For the processing of electronic, and book reserves, there are no special changes necessary. On the other hand, for these students to be able to access media items, a special user name; "29030FIGS01-70", is created which entitles these students access to media files. These records are created to last for only 6 months. Jan Reinhart and Zohreh Bonianian will be working together to create a write up which briefly explains how FIGS works and applies to the processing of reserves.

2. Modified Reserve Loan Period for persons with disabilities: the subject might bear discussion within our group and possibly brought forward to the Access Services Committee. Some of the following points were discussed with Eileen Stec. Eileen plans on discussing these issues with Judy Gardner.

a. Using the Kurzwiel machine by disable users may require more than 2 hours. As learning disabled are considered disabled and would need Kurzwiel, this would also apply to this group.

b. Temporarily disabled users will have temporary needs and merits further discussion modification of the reserve loan period.

c. Any modification would be for books only, as electronic reserves are available on-line.

d. Can we extend privileges to a representative for a hospitalized student (in order to copy sections of books, etc.)? Perhaps a surrogate card can be created?

3. Email notification for orders

Now that this feature has been implemented, it was again brought to the group for feedback of how the service is helping with the processing of reserves. The new system is useful to a certain extent, however it would be more beneficial to the processing of reserves if an email notification was sent when the book was in process rather than when it was ordered. The benefit of receiving an email notice when the book is in process is that it will allow the reserve staff to immediately place a hold on the book so that when it is processed, the hold is available for the respective reserve unit. Another point which we have noticed is that the information notated in the "note fields" when ordering a book for reserve is no longer there. This important information should be on every book ordered for reserve in the note fields of the book order form.

Next Reserve meeting is pending the possible scheduling of a Sakai workshop and is TBA

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