Minutes of November 18, 2009 meeting

Joseph Asaro, Linda Becker, Zohreh Bonianian, Kevin Conover, Debra Goldberg, Eva Kalamotousis, Jill Locascio, Irina Loutchkina, Ramon Negron, Gillian Newton, Jonathan Rake, Jan Reinhart, Alfreda Richardson, Shawn Rogers, Abdullah Sherzad, Penny Weniger



Relocation of Music Media collections and services in new Media Center at Douglass


1. Symphony 3.3.1 was tested successfully by the respective testers; Abdullah, Eva, John and Ramon. Overall, the test system operated without any major issues. The noticeable differences were minor and cosmetic and seemed to impact more on basic Circulation functions. This will be reported at the next Access Services Committee meeting to facilitate sign off on the new version.

2. Starting spring semester Alexander library and Kilmer library will place Media materials on reserve. The online reserve request form for media will be modified to accommodate this service. Alexander and Kilmer will be added as new pick up location. Faculty members select the location from a pull down menu which they want to place the video/DVD on reserve. Media staff will forward the video along with the reserve request form to the proper location. Alex and Kilmer staff will create the reserve control record with proper expiration date (usually period of two weeks) and place the media material on reserve. They are also responsible for deleting the reserve control record upon the expiration date and sending the material back to its owning library. There will be hard copies of media reserve forms available at these locations if faculty members walk in with their personal copy of video. In this case reserve staff members will create a temporary brief record and then place it on reserve for the period of the time that faculty request. Three viewing stations will be placed in Alexander Library, and the visual material on reserve will circulate for 4 hours.

The group has decided to celebrate the holidays at a luncheon scheduled for our next meeting on December 16th. Penny will send out a few location suggestions to the group for their consideration.

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