Minutes of August 17, 2011 meeting

John Rake, Irina Loutchkina, Debbie Goldberg, Eva Kalamotousis, Zohreh Bonianian, Jill Locascio, Joe Asaro, Kevin Conover, Ramon Negron.


Statistics Gathering

The group will continue to gather statistics on Reserves usage as it has been doing for the past two semesters. The spreadsheets are up and available on Sakai. Statistics gathering in this way will likely continue for the foreseeable future, the purpose of which will be to eventually provide some raw data for meaningful quantitative analysis.

Statistical Analysis

The group is to begin extracting the data that they have been gathering on the spreadsheets for the past two semesters and plugging it into new spreadsheets with the goal of analyzing that data. The group will try and determine which departments are using reserves, how that usage is spread out among graduate and undergraduate courses, what the ratio is of E-reserves to other types of reserves, and which instructors appear to be repeat customers. Jill and Joe worked on developing new spreadsheets upon which this data can be entered and then expressed in graph/chart form. Rough drafts of these were passed around for group consideration. Zohreh came up with the idea of possibly consolidating the new spreadsheets onto one master spreadsheet for the sake of efficiency. Jill and Zohreh will meet to see if this can be done in a way that will still allow the data to be analyzed in a clear and simple manner. Once they have met and determined this, the new spreadsheet(s) will be posted to Sakai for the group to begin to use.

Information Sharing

Kilmer: Fall reserves are starting to come in more steadily.

LSM: Fall reserves are beginning to trickle in, are expected to increase in volume as semester begins.

Douglass: There is a lot of activity at the library with stacks being moved around and things being rearranged. Fall reserves are being processed in the meantime.

Camden: Things are busy in preparation of the Fall semester.

Music: Reserves are coming in. Video streaming will now be offered in the Fall to select groups. It will be a learning process to see how the service will work.

Alexander: There were some scanner problems that have since been resolved. Instructors' lists are coming in. There is significant construction adjacent to the front of the library.

Next Meeting: TBA.

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