Minutes of October 19, 2011 meeting

Jill Locascio, Joseph Asaro, Zohreh Bonianian, Debra Goldberg, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Lotchkina, Ramon Negron, John Rake, Alfreda Richardson.
Kevin Conover, Abdullah Sherzad


Statistics Gathering and Analysis Update

At the last meeting there had been a discussion about our statistics spreadsheet being too unwieldy to provide any meaningful statistical analysis so the group considered perhaps breaking the spreadsheets down into smaller more workable spreadsheets. Jill and Zohreh proceeded to meet and determine whether this step would be necessary. Luckily, the larger spreadsheet only needed to be restructured a little bit and can provide the analysis we need, thus no additional work beyond what we already have been gathering will need to be done.

Twitter for Reserves

The Kilmer Library created a Twitter account for the purpose keeping users apprised of the status of high volume reserves books. When students would like to use a particular reserve book that is already being used staff informs them of the twitter account name so if they wish they can check twitter where staff will post when the book returns. So far the experiment has been fairly successful, although has not needed to be used too much so far. Other libraries shared their methods for dealing with high volume items. Most operate on the “first come, first serve” basis where the onus is on the student to come to the desk and check up on the book he/she would like to use. At Media a lot of books/movies are shared among students at the same time. While all libraries seem to be most comfortable with their current method of dealing with high volume reserves, Jill and Joe are happy to field any questions if anyone else is considering making use of Twitter for this purpose.

Scanning Service

The group discussed the future direction of the Reserves department in how it relates to establishing a scanning service for faculty and staff. The basic plan will be to offer the option of scanning book chapters to faculty/staff and delivering the files through ILLIAD for their use. The group began to discuss some issues such as copyright that must be addressed while planning how to construct and present this service. In the next few months the group will develop a clear policies and procedures for the new scanning service. It is important to note that both Debbie and Alfreda have not seen a decline in their E-Reserves the way the rest of the libraries have, thus there may arise issues with integrating the new service into daily reserves workflow. In the next few months the group hopes to:

Information Sharing

Kilmer fall reserves are starting to slow down considerably now that the semester is in full swing. They do not have quite as much video reserve usage as the spring, perhaps due to the viewing rooms temporarily being closed off and replaced by viewing stations on the main floor.

Camden is slowing down reserves-wise. There has been a lot of construction in the building. The library now houses the main computer lab on campus and a branch of the Camden County Library is being housed in the basement.

Alexander has noticed an increased number of video reserves compared to previous semesters. Also, students may now checkout netbooks.

At SERC reserves has increased. Alfreda is now doing Physics reserves as well.

There has been a lot of construction at Douglass as well. Reserves are slow but things are getting busy as midterms approach. Construction for the reference librarians’ new offices is about to begin.

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