Minutes of May 16, 1999 meeting

Notes from the May meeting of the Reserve Functional Group.

The meeting opened with discussion of the new electronic reserve format as instituted by Judy Gardner and the Electronic Reserves Working Group. Marc Forster briefed our group on procedures and there was general agreement that this new initiative represented a step in the right direction.

We discussed concerns over the expected increase in this service in the fall when articles and other copyrighted materials are projected to be added to our E-Reserve offerings. There are significant workload and equipment concerns over such an expansion in service and our group will continue to brief the E-Reserve group on such concerns.

We discussed the procedures governing the removal of reserves. We reviewed the process step by step and ironed out several different practices that were being done at various locations. We agreed to remove reserve records, remove item records, but keep course records for future use. They would be the only remaining “permanent” piece of information in the database, aside, of course, from the instructor ID.

We touched base on workflows. The consensus was that the new program has little effect on the reserve procedures. There has been a problem with the “global” remove and edit functions. Please report any problems you may have had with these functions to me and we will investigate. At our next meeting we will discuss any concerns that have developed as well as looking at standardizing a reserve station’s reserve command bar.

We discussed the possibility of developing a standard means of communicating with selectors on the issue of personal copies being repeatedly placed on reserve, and exploring the need, or lack thereof, of purchasing these items. A standard report from each reserve desk detailing the personal copies may be of use to selectors. Such reports have already been requested at various locations and a standardized process may provide a solution.

The next meeting is Wednesday, June the 16th at 2:00 at the usual location, CAC Student Center Atrium meeting room.

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