Minutes of September 22, 1999 meeting

Treadwell Atkins, Roger Smith, Lisa Lakhan, Myriam Alami, Ramon Negron, Pete Anderson, Marc Forster, Georgina Alonzo, Martin Katz, Phyllis Palfy, Bouriana Zaharieva, May Chin, Jan Reinhart

Welcome Lisa Lakhan to our group!

I want to open by saying that we are doing a fantastic job this semester, providing perhaps double the service to our users. This of course brings with it double the workload! Thanks you for all your determination and very constructive conversation surrounding the new initiatives we are dealing with.

We opened the meeting by discussing the E Reserves procedures thus far. We discussed the increased workload on all the staff. New procedures are forthcoming from the E Reserves Working group. These new procedures will significantly streamline the process and as a group we look forward to working with the copy center to institute whatever changes may be mutually beneficial.

We discussed the possibility of displaying a short “how to” for students using e reserves, to allow them to be more self-sufficient in using the system off campus. The procedure is basically intuitive, but could use some pointers in navigating the e reserve record. We will discuss further with e reserves group.

We discussed the need to be careful in selecting the appropriate reserve desk when setting up reserve records. Several locations reported default reserve desk setting of “RESV-ALCHL”. I am exploring the possibility of changing these across the board. In the meantime, Kalaivani can change this default setting if you contact her with your library’s information.

We discussed the frequency of searching errors in the reserve module of webcat. Several locations reported errors when searching for faculty names. Please report these to systems when they arise.

We also discussed the need to have the reserve module available for staff work after 7:00PM. I will check with systems to fix this.

We reviewed our group “mission statement”

“The purpose of the Reserve Functional Group is to oversee Reserve processes across the New Brunswick libraries. Our goal is to develop, write and distribute procedures to be followed by all of the New Brunswick Libraries, and streamline reserve practices. We will develop and maintain standard procedures and expectations of outcome for our user groups; faculty, staff and students. Our group will seek to develop greater dialog between group members and university users concerning reserves. We will seek to explore and implement new technology to keep Rutgers at the forefront of electronic reserve media.”

We discussed the ongoing efforts to develop an electronically submitted reserve request form for faculty. Judy Gardner, Sam MacDonald and myself are involved in developing this document, which should be ready for use late this semester, for spring requests. Several concerns were raised at our meeting regarding style and content and they will be passed on to Sam who is developing the form.

Workflows version 99.2 is on its way towards the beginning of next semester. We will continue to monitor the development of Reserve Wizards and develop training sessions if needed.

We reported no problems using new student barcodes, apparently RU connection card office has ironed out the problems that plagued the faculty cards.

We called to attention the fact that notes should be listed in the “pub note” field and not the staff note, in order for them to appear when staff attempts to use the user ID for charges.

See all of you next month

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