Minutes of December 15, 1999 meeting

Roger Smith, Treadwell Atkins, Myriam Alami, May Chin, Ramon Negron, Kristen Ko, Phyllis Palfy, Georgina Alonzo, Martin Katz, Zoreh Bonianian, Bouriana Zaharieva, Lisa Lakhan, Jan Reinhart

The holiday party was a success, I am glad so many of you were able to make it during a busy week. Thank you for making it an enjoyable and productive meeting. Once again, happy holidays and best wishes for a great New Year!

We opened the meeting with a review of the recent ERES committee meeting. Marc Forster had e-mailed an excellent synopsis of the major points of that meeting. We covered them one by one. Here is a copy of that text (Thanks so much Marc):

“Good News: There may be a solution to dealing with those series of lecture notes we receive throughout the semester. The ERES group is experimenting with adding multiple 856 fields to an individual record. Each 856 field will represent a different set (Week 1, Week 2, etc.) of Lecture notes, but it will be connected to a single "lecture notes" record. Using this method, you will not have to create individual records for Electronic Reserves in a series. I'll keep you posted as to how we're progressing with this new innovation.

*We are planning on accepting Reserve submissions in Electronic format for Spring 2000, but we will continue to accept paper copies as needed. If Faculty choose to send their files electronically, they can simply send their files via E-Mail, or drop off a disk containing the items they want on Reserve. Initially, these electronic files will be handled by Donna Cryan. I'll be handling them at LSM as soon as I receive additional software. We will accept files in word processor formats, spreadsheet formats, PowerPoint, PDF files and others. Faculty will be notified of this service via E-Mail. One advantage to this method of delivery is that it will yield better Electronic Reserve files. The resulting files will be smaller in size and easier to read. Judy Gardner is preparing the publicity for this service. Those Reserves which are submitted Electronically will only be available electronically. We will not create paper copies of these items for in-house Reserves. Donna will notify you if she adds any Electronic files. In this way, you can update your staff and update any local records if needed.

* Systems office has compiled a series of statistics on Electronic Reserves use. Their statistics represent the number of times their server was accessed, but do not tell us how many times an article was used. At this point, we cannot tell how many times each Electronic article was used. These statistics will be used to review patterns of usage.

*Judy Gardner will be sending out an E-Reserve survey to Faculty within the next week. The survey will help us improve service and gauge faculty/student satisfaction with Electronic Reserves.

*We have until the end of January 2000 to remove items from Reserve. The reason for this is related to the way Electronic Reserves are removed from the system. If systems office were to remove the computer files before we remove the IRIS record, any patrons trying to access the item would get a bad link. At the end of the month, Systems office will remove the computer files from their computer. However, any file that you already specified as Fall99/Spring2000 will be saved for Spring 2000.”

ERES procedures are being worked on by Judy Gardner, Donna Cryan and myself. We plan to meet the first week we are back from break and work out a document that covers all the changes and distribute it to you. Those procedures will cover much of what Marc was discussing in his remarks, especially electronic files and URL submission.

As for removal of Fall99 reserves, we expressed concern at the lack of time with the system downtime scheduled. Many desks are starting this week and next to remove these items as exams come to a close.

For now, continue to use ERES procedures that we have in hand for this past semester.

We discussed the new official contact for reserve book purchases at TSB. It is Mickey Onofrietto, 445- 5893, mickeyo@rci Please make note of this. She will be more than happy to help you track down missing or unfilled orders.

We discussed new limitations on keeping Library Administration and University reports on reserve. I spoke to Tom Frusciano at University Archives and he indicated that we should only keep two years on reserve. Anything older than that should be sent to the Archives, care of him. He also indicated that it does not matter if the items are cataloged or not. Remove them from reserve records of course.

We briefly touched on the fact that reserve desk hours must now be sent to amq@rci and cc to Karen Oster at karenayn@rci Please send them your winter break and spring hours if you have not already done

We decided to hold our next meeting in the fourth week of January, to move away from that very busy first week back and allow for some time with the new system. By then we will have 99.2 issues to discuss as well as new ERES procedures. So, look for the next meeting to be Wednesday, January 26 at the CAC student center Atrium Conference Room.

Best wishes to everyone for a restful break,
Many thanks for all your help and work,


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