Minutes of November 12, 2002 meeting

Pat Bellanca, Kristen Ko, Don Wilson, Martin Katz, Bill McNelis(recorder), Asuncion Ortiz, Eugene McElroy, Fred Onorato, Marilyn Herod, Drue Williamson, Ines Gessner, Nita Mukherjee, Chris Lee



RDS Shipping Slip

Staff confirmed the receipt of the new and improved (the double sided patron information label can be used whether the books on the Hold shelf are standing upright or on its side) RDS shipping slips from Judy.

U2002 Release Notes

U2002 release notes were shared amongst the group. The group was told they could find the complete release notes on the NBL website. They were encouraged to review them, if they had the opportunity.

Meeting with Chris Sterback

The group was informed of a meeting with Chris Sterback on 10/30/02. The purpose of the meeting was to review the criteria for Aged Hold Reports. There is a need for this report so that RDS staff can be aware of old holds that have not been “pulled” and “trapped.” There have been incidences of these holds going up to and beyond 2 weeks from the time they were placed. Since the Pull lists are cumulative the possibility of holds being missed or becoming old is likely. An aged hold report would prevent this. Currently, we have nothing that monitors holds being missed or overlooked. The group was asked if there were any fields they would like to see on the report that may be helpful in processing the holds.

During this session, we discovered that the Clear Your Hold Shelf procedures needed to be changed. When removing hold, the button/prompt “Put Item in Transit” was not always putting the item in transit to the right location. We discovered that sometimes it would send it somewhere else (other than its owning library) with a hold message, yet there was no “real” hold. Using the Check Item Status wizard was the best method of sending the item to its next location. Handouts of Chris’ instructions along with screen captures of the procedure were distributed and discussed.

Ariel issues

Staff were asked to verify Ariel IP addresses again. Some libraries had reported possible problems with addresses. RDS staff believe that they should be correct now.

Staff find that it is more work for them when they make a photocopy of an article and then have to scan the photocopy. Can we look into a more efficient way of sending material?

Next Meeting

Next meeting: December 10th Time and place to be announced.

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