Minutes of June 10, 2003 meeting

Andy Martinez, Ines Gessner, Pat Bellanca, Mike Mansouri, Marty Katz, Stacy DeMatteo, Marilyn Herod, Nita Mukherjee, Will Torres, Don Wilson, Christopher Lee, Eugene McElroy, Drue Williamson,
Georgina Alonzo, Kristen Ko, Asuncion Ortiz,
Dave Warner and Rita O'Donnell from LSM both attended the meeting as guests.

"Item Not Found in Catalog" problem with PALCI books

The group brought up a recurring problem with items sent to us from PALCI that are coming up "Item Not Found in Catalog" when we use the "Check Item Status" wizard to make the holds available in Workflows. You are able to find the item record in Workflows using the title of the book and the barcode in the record does match the barcode on the book. It is when you go and modify the title that you will see that there is an extra space in front of the barcode as it is entered in the barcode field. This extra space is what is causing the item to come up as "Item not Found..." when it is entered in Workflows. Once you remove the space the item is recognized in Workflows and you can make the hold available.

RDS staff will let Andy know if this problem continues to occur. Andy would like to have examples to present to Chris at Systems so that the books can be tracked as they return to their PALCI library. Since the extra space in the barcode field problem is caused by PALCI when the create the record for the item in Workflows, tracking the books as they return will ensure that no further problems with the record are encountered.

CD/Computer disk as a copy 2

The group discussed the problem that user initiated holds is causing with CD's and computer disc that are cataloged as copies of the book. Some units have barcoded, cataloged, and labeled the CD/computer disc (Stacks-Com, C-DISC) that accompanies a book so that they are able to better track the item. The problem arises when a user goes to place a recall on a book that is checked out but the system will not allow it because the CD is still in library. The system then places a hold on the stacks-com (the system believes that this is another copy of the book) when the user really wanted the book (Stacks). RDS staff have encountered this problem on their pull lists and with users replying back to Hold Cancellation Notices or Pickup Notices.

After some investigation, the group discovered that Collection Services had set up a working group to deal with the lack of a uniform policy on these items. The working group will now develop a policy/procedures for these situations that will be used NBL wide. The working group has been informed of the problems that arise with user initiated holds and will consider this as they develop their new policy/procedures. Once the policy/procedures have been developed, the RDS Functional group will review them in light of user initiated holds and RU-Requests. In the meantime, please contact Andy if you see any of these items appearing on your Pull Lists.

ILS Improvements

The ILS department will be implementing a new ILL Software Manager starting July 1st. The new software will allow for many new features for the public and for staff. Some of the highlights include: the ability to query the system directly about the status of your request, the ability to cancel the request yourself with email confirmation, the ability to renew your books through Self Services, and the ability to choose the email address that you want used for Web Delivery. Standard ILL books will now be given a 4 week loan from the date of checkout and will be eligible for 1 four week renewal.

In-library use only and special ILL items will have a separate band with a due date and instructions on it. RDS staff will revisit their "in library use only" procedures in an attempt to standardize with ILS.

The new 4 week loan period will allow the group to start using the "Clear Hold Shelf2" report to pull ILL items from their hold shelf. Andy has contacted Systems to get more information on when the items will start to appear and to also fine tune the report in light of special ILL items.

Next meeting - Tuesday, July 8th in room 115 in SMLR, Cook

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