Minutes of April 13, 2004 meeting

Pat Belanca, Stacy DeMatteo, Kristen Ko, Eugene McElroy, Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Asuncion Ortiz, Drue Williamson, Don Wilson, Chiaki Yamada
Ines Gessner, Christopher Lee, Andy Martinez, Will Torres


  1. Standard RDS Toolbar
  2. Changes to Requests
  3. RU-REQ Report for Alexander Library
  4. RDS Web Delivery Update, Training Issues
  5. Palci Procedures from Pull Lists, Do Not Ship to TSB
  6. Law Library Procedures for Books
  7. Information Sharing

Standard RDS Toolbar

Prior to the meeting, four different designs of RDS toolbars were distributed to all functional group members. Everyone came prepared to discuss which design they thought was most appropriate. Of the four choices, the group decided on Design #1. Nita will forward the group’s decision to Dr. Tehrani for approval to be posted on the web. By making this decision, the functional group has accomplished one of the goals set for this fiscal year.

Members of the functional group were complimented on their active participation. The combined efforts of all team members allowed the group to reach a unanimous decision.

Changes to Requests

Since last month’s meeting, some system-wide changes have been made to Requests. RDS staff started noticing that the user’s ID and full primary address printed on the request lists. This was immediately reported. Soon afterwards, the users’ school codes began to appear on the Requests. These enhancements were made in preparation for RDS Web Document Delivery.

The group members expressed positive feedback regarding these changes because it makes the process of verifying the user’s home campus easier.

RU-REQ Report for Alexander Library

On March 23rd, a new “in-process” report from Systems was generated for Alexander Library RDS. This report effectively captures Requests at the end of the third day, rather than on the third day. This new report is set to run Tuesday through Friday, and then emailed to Alexander RDS contacts.

Because Alexander Library RDS staff members Will and Chris were absent from the meeting, the group was unable to hear more about how this new report is working out. If RDS staff at other libraries feels that they may benefit from such a report, they should let Nita know.

RDS Web Delivery Update

It was announced that the revisions to the Imaging Services web page have been completed. All functional group members should become familiar with the revised web page, including personal and departmental deposit account forms and policies. A suggestion was made to have the phone numbers of Imaging Services and copies of deposit account forms available at each service desk to provide better service to users.

RDS contacts at each library received publicity fliers and posters regarding this new service, to begin June 1, 2004. These fliers are being inserted in books before they are placed on the HOLD shelf. Photocopies of the fliers should not be made in white paper. Due to a limited supply; instead, a light green color should be used or Lucy Millerand (lucye@rci) should be contacted. Planning is currently underway for a training meeting, to be held on May 18, 2004. All group members and their back-ups should make every effort to attend this training.

Palci Procedures from Pull Lists

The group was reminded that Palci requests should not be shipped to TSB, and instead, should be removed from in-transit. Nita distributed page 3 of “Lending - Incoming Requests (Palci),” and suggested placing the guidelines in a more visible location to serve as a reminder of the correct procedures.

Law Library Procedures for Books

Since last month’s meeting, the procedures for filling requests for books sent to the Law Library have been updated and now available on the web. Copies of these procedures were distributed at the meeting. Everyone is encouraged to use the new procedures.

Information Sharing

Nita distributed copies of the mid-year report, which was then reviewed by members of the group. Suggestions and ideas for the annual report were requested.

Pat reported that things at Alcohol Studies Library are quiet. She will be on leave during the months of May/June, and Valerie Mead and Penny Page will be her backups.

Eugene reported that SMLR will purchase a new scanner, which will be used for preservation work. The decision regarding the installation of Ariel software has not yet been made.

Stacy reported that the Annex’s Ariel has been upgraded to version 3.4.

Don informed the group about his recent transfer from Kilmer library to Alexander Library. This month’s meeting was his last because he has a new job description at Alexander.

Drue and Kristen reported that there is a good turnaround time with returns from Camden and Dana.

Chiaki reported that a new voucher worker has been hired at Douglass Library to assist with RDS on Wednesdays and Fridays. The fax machine at Douglass was down for five days, and ILL requests were received from ILS-Alex via Ariel. The Ariel software at Douglass Library has also been upgraded to version 3.4.

Next Meeting - Tuesday, May 11, 2004.

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