Minutes of May 11, 2004 meeting

Stacy DeMatteo, Ines Gessner, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Asuncion Ortiz, Drue Williamson, Chiaki Yamada
Will Torres, Pat Belanca
Eugene McElroy
Roger Smith

RDS toolbar Approved and Posted

Dr. Tehrani approved the standard RDS toolbar that the group developed in the previous month. The toolbar has been posted on the NBL web page and RUL web page under staff resources. This will make it easily available for the benefit of all RDS staff.

Web Document Delivery – Update on Training

The system-wide training date for web document delivery is set for Tuesday, May 18, from 9:00 am (sharp) to 11:00 am, in the Pane Room at Alexander Library. This will be broadcast through video-conferencing to Dana and Camden libraries. Coffee and refreshments will be served from 8:30-9:00. This training will be offered to all RDS staff at RUL, and will be conducted by Judy Gardner, Nita Mukherjee and Darryl Voorhees. The training will be based on presentations and demos, rather than hands-on. Please encourage all to attend and RSVP as soon as possible to Lucy Millerand (lucye@rci.rutgers.edu).

The group discussed publicity fliers and posters regarding this new service that were distributed earlier. Nita asked the group members about the inquiries and responses that they have received. So far the group member have received very positive feedback from the Faculty. The web document delivery service will receive even more publicity when it is displayed under the newsflash on the RUL website – coming soon.

The proper function of scanner is an essential part for a smooth operation of a web based document delivery. Recently there have been numerous breakdowns with scanners at various libraries. Nita advised the group that if the scanner breaks down the staff should not wait but immediately contact Alex Imaging Services. Follow up may be needed as necessary and to make sure the Ariel software and equipment are up and running.

Request for On-Order Items

When there is a request for an item that is ON-ORDER in IRIS, but has not yet arrived in your library, one of two options must be followed:

(a) Send the request back to the A-TEAM, change the status field to RU-NEW, change the service library field to ALCHL, and enter a message in the NOTE field explaining why you are returning it.

(b) Contact the A-Team coordinator Bob Warwick. Upon discussion, modify the request status to UNFILLED using the following reply:

Unfilled: Rutgers does not own the volume of this title that has your article. This title is an ON-ORDER record beginning in the current year. If you are still interested in getting a copy of this article, please fill out an Interlibrary Loan Request and we will try to get it for you from another institution.

Setting for Finished Reports Wizard

If staff is experiencing problems with the page setting for the “Finished Reports” wizard and cannot print one request per page, the following settings should be verified:

Length: 57
Width: 80
Top margin: 0
Bottom margin: 0
These properties should be set and saved permanently on your RDS workstation.

Extending Due Dates for ILL

Before extending any ILL due dates, staff should instruct the user to write to “Ask A Librarian.” If requests to extend hold due dates on ILL are received for in-library use only, the ILS staff should be contacted.

However, if an error is made when processing an ILL request, causing a delay in notification, the ILS office should be contacted in advance. Usually, lending libraries prefer to have such items returned as soon as possible. Thus, the Access staff and the ILS staff should not extend due dates beyond a reasonable time frame. Failure to return ILL items within established time frames can jeopardize our cooperative agreements with other libraries.

It is important to routinely go through hold shelves to see if there are any outstanding ILL items that need to be returned.

Information Sharing

Nita will be on vacation from May 27, 2004 to June 10, 2004. Andy Martinez has agreed to be the contact person during this period.

Most members reported that the number of requests during this time of the year has decreased.

Our guest member, Roger Smith, made some thoughtful remarks to the group. He empathized the need for documenting problems, saving examples, and filtering comments to the RDS coordinator. He recognized that the group will be very busy and a number of challenges lie ahead as we move to a web based document delivery services.

To celebrate the Inauguration the Renovation of the Mabel Smith Douglass Library there will be an open house on May 17. All those who have received invitations, are encouraged to rsvp and attend the event.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will probably be held on Thursday, June 17, instead of the routinely scheduled 2nd Tuesday of the month. This date will be finalized as we get closer to June.

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