Minutes of November 9, 2004 meeting

Pat Bellanca, Krista Dandurand, Stacy DeMatteo, Ines Gessner, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Linda Mazzeo, Eugene McElroy, Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Will Torres, Drue Williamson, Chiaki Yamada.
Asucion Ortiz
Roger Smith, Penny Weniger, Melanie Robinson


  1. Information Sharing
  2. Off-campus Lending Procedures Review
  3. Interlibrary Loan Lending Procedures Review
  4. Update on Scanner Problems Database
  5. Ariel Version 4.0
  6. Holds Maintenance Group Wizards for Circulation Training Manual

1. Information Sharing

The group welcomed its newest member, Linda Mazzeo, from the Music Library. The Music Library staff began training for processing HOLDS last week, and are doing well. The responsibility for RDS, ILL, and Palci requests will eventually be transferred from the Douglass RDS staff to the Music Library staff. Once the staff at Music is fully trained, the system-wide RDS contact list will be updated to reflect this change.

This past week, all old requests were lost by Systems (as of Friday, November 6th). Douglass Library reported this problem to Systems on Monday, November 8th. By Friday, November 12th, Systems was able to successfully restore request records. The cause of this problem is still unknown. A few users sent inquiries via Ask-A-Librarian, wondering why their “self-service history was erased when most of the requests were not yet filled?” (Example: Service Request Number 7046)

Thanks to Chris Lee for sharing with the group the website regarding the Microform database, which was prepared for Alexander RDS, ILS and Collections Services staff. This database works best for Alexander Library, and is currently not intended for use by other libraries.

The RDS FG group sends best wishes to Asucion Ortiz – her presence is missed by all.

2. Off-Campus Lending Procedures Review

Prior to the meeting, all group members received a copy of the RDS Lending Procedures for Off-Campus Pickup and Delivery sites. The group discussed this document at the meeting, and one correction has been made: Under the “RUL Shipping and Receiving-Alex” heading, the following statement has been inserted: “Attention: Henry Charles.” Nita has made this change, and the final document has been sent out for posting.

3. Interlibrary Loan Lending Procedures Review

The group also received a draft of the ILL Lending Documentation for review prior to the meeting. Special thanks to Dean Meister for sending his valuable suggestions via email. Group members reviewed the documentation, and several modifications were made. The most important decision made by the group was to keep Arial training as a separate document when filling article requests. Group members will follow-up on these changes in the upcoming week.

4. Update on Scanner Problems Database

The project using the Access database, led by Chiaki and Ines, to report scanner problems has currently been put on hold. Although Chiaki and Ines were ready to share their work with remaining group members, it was decided that the project represents a duplication of efforts made by Imaging Services and Systems.

Group members should continue to promptly report scanner problems to Imaging Services, and keep their supervisor and RDS FG coordinator informed. If the scanner is not fixed within 24 hours, RDS staff should send the work over to Imaging Services.

5. Ariel Version 4.0

Group members were informed that the new version of Ariel 4.0 will be introduced to Rutgers system-wide, with training provided in Spring 2005. The software company is offering a 20% discount on prerelease Ariel pricing. Features of the new version include:

It was suggested that Darryl from Imaging Services should be invited to our January/February meeting to discuss this major change. Nita will try to coordinate this meeting.

6. Holds Maintenance Group Wizards for Circulation Training Manual

The Circulation Functional Group is in the process of preparing a training manual for Workflows. Functional group coordinator, Michele Tokar, requested the RDS functional group to review the manual’s procedures on HOLDS Group Wizards (pages 27-38). Several corrections were made by group members, which will be shared with Michele in the upcoming week. An important suggestion was to remove “Trap Hold” from the Circulation toolbar for the four major libraries.

7. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held during lunch to celebrate the December holidays. We will be meeting on Tuesday, December 14th, at 12:30 pm. Thanks to Dr. Tehrani, who has generously approved this time off. More information to follow soon.

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