Minutes of May 10, 2005 meeting

Raymond Balter(recorder), Krista Dandurand, Kristen Ko, Priscilla Lee, Linda Mazzeo, Eugene McElroy, Nita Mukherjee, Drue Williamson, Chiaki Yamada
Pat Bellanca, Stacy DeMatteo


  1. Announcements
  2. PALCI: Missing books, Holds, Login change
  3. New IRIS interface: iLink error messages and suggestions for RDS
  5. Job Descriptions for student workers
  6. Training
  7. Information sharing

1. Announcements

Nita reported that Judy Gardner had attended the Coordinator’s meeting, which took place on May 3rd. At this meeting, Judy discussed the proposed changes to functional group structure, and the impact of these changes for the upcoming year. One major outcome is the formal joining of Newark and Camden staff to the NBL Functional Groups beginning July 1, 2005. Roger and Judy will be visiting the Camden and Dana libraries later this month.

Judy would also like to see system wide training on customer service standards, with the hope of establishing a common set of guidelines that all service desks will adhere to. With these guidelines, all Access Services members should be able to convey accurate information to patrons.

2. PALCI: Missing books, Holds, Login change

Nita conveyed a request/reminder from Chris Sterback: When a PALCI request item cannot be found in the stacks, please do not forget to go to the PALCI Staff Menu and insert: “Set to Not Available” and provide the reason (i.e., item not on shelf). Also, for Provisional PALCI request items not found, remember to email or fax Brian Beyer.

The group was also notified that that the PALCI login will change as of June 1st. (Alex has already been changed). It was recommended to have logins, passwords and ID’s changed more often – in addition to the current procedure that involves changing these items after a staff member leaves.

3. New IRIS interface: iLINK error messages and suggestions for RDS

The group was reminded that on Monday, May 16th, IRIS and Workflows will be down due to the installation of the new IRIS interface. Members shared their feedback on this new interface, and were encouraged to look at “IRIS Guide”.

Nita passed out a list of error messages (that was compiled and tested by Judy and Nita) that users will now see displayed in iLINK for requests and deliveries. Instead of simply saying “ERROR” (as was the previous message), iLINK will now explain to the user what the error is and where to go to fix it. These new messages will better direct those using the delivery service.


The group was given an overview of how to use MY ACCOUNT – and how to explain this new service to patrons (instead of Self Services). The patron must log in at every step, and can view their requests, holds, checkouts, etc.

The importance of using the correct reply macros for all requests was also emphasized. All macros are currently being reviewed, and when ready, will be sent out by Judy.

5. Job Descriptions for student workers

The group reviewed the student job description, and offered some revisions. Drue suggested that the description should be more detailed, and that “scanning articles for Web document delivery” should be added to job duties. These suggestions will be forwarded to Rose, Coordinator of Student FG.

6. Training

The group focused on service desk standards for full-time staff. The goal is to generate a list of “core competencies” that all staff will adhere to. Nita would like to form an RDS sub-group that will focus on different scenarios that an Access staff member might be confronted with at the desk. The group came up with RDS-related questions regarding service desk scenarios that staff might encounter.

The Student Assistant Functional Group is planning to create quizzes that are part of the training for student workers to be put on WebCT. One of these quizzes will involve questions on RDS. The answers to these quizzes will go to the student coordinators for each unit.

7. Information Sharing

Priscilla said requests at Alex are slowing down to about 25% of what they normally are. There have also been extended hours to accommodate students studying for final exams. A new staff member, Gillian Newton, will be joining Alex soon.

Eugene reported that a new sensitizer and de-sensitizer have been acquired at SMLR. He also reminded the group about the new security gate that is now in place.

Drue and Krista also reported fewer requests at LSM and Kilmer, respectively.

Raymond reported that Douglass has been busy with many returns, and that ILL has been steady.

Kristen said Art has been busy with ILL and numerous book returns. She told the group that Art will be closed on May 18th and 19th for commencement ceremonies, and that she will be at LSM for those two days.

Linda also said that requests have been slow at the Music Library.

Nita passed out “Damaged Book” stamps to those who needed them. A special “thanks” to Kelly Worth for her assistance in obtaining them!

Next Meeting: June 14th, site TBA.

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