Minutes of July 25, 2006 meeting

Katie Anderson, Raymond Balter, Carolyn Foote, Dorothy Grauer, Kristen Ko, Priscilla Lee, Megan Lord, Theresa Macklin, Linda Mazzeo, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, MaryAnne Nesbit, Glenn Sandberg, Drue Williamson, Rae Wong


  1. Future Meetings: Videoconferencing options, agenda sharing, minutes
  2. PALCI Aged Holds
  3. Recent RSG Questions/Issues: Copyright, IRIS display, Camden Delivery, Shipping
  4. Turnaround Times
  5. Annual Report/Goals
  6. Hold Inventory
  7. Information Sharing

Future Meetings - Videoconferencing options, agenda sharing, minutes

Future meetings will originate from Camden. Possibilities for videoconferencing sites in New Brunswick are: Foran Lecture Hall at Chang, Pane Room at Alex, and TSB on Busch. [Update since meeting: After testing, TSB on Busch will be the site for our next meeting. ] Future agendas will be shared with circsub. Minutes will be shared on a rotation basis beginning with our next meeting.

PALCI Aged Holds

Group reviewed new handouts for PALCI Aged Holds procedures for RDS & ILS.

Recent RSG Questions/Issues: Copyright, IRIS Display, Camden Delivery, Shipping

Conversation regarding journal requests and when multiple requests from the same journal could be considered copyright infringement. Most requests are not more than 45% of the entire journal. Old policy used to include a limit of no more than 3 articles per journal. Group reviewed Iris Display handouts and how patrons are often confused by In-Process. Wording will be changed in IRIS. Katie updated group re. budget cuts and their impact on Camden's mail delivery. Robeson mail is included with Camden's campus mail which has already been impacted by budget cuts.

Turnaround Times

Group discussed how these cuts will impact turnaround times and whether or not we should alter our turnaround policy. The group recommended the following turnaround times: Books 2-5 weekdays, Articles 2-3 weekdays. The group decided not to separate campuses and to recommend a comment regarding In-Process and pending items that may take longer.

Annual Report/Goals

Group will set up SAkai for future information sharing.
Discussion re. J-Client and the RDS toolbar
AAL-Continuity re. RDS replies; Nita shared sample answers; it was agreed we should continue this practice

Hold Inventory

Camden receives a weekly list of the hold shelf inventory. Katie asked if other units may be interested in receiving this. There was a discussion about the benefits of the report. Can also use as a training opportunity to increase staff and student awareness while keeping our hold shelves as accurate and as current as possible. Dean offered to do an on demand list when needed.

Information Sharing

Rae asked if it were possible to create stats for the number of holds vs regular circulation

Invitation for tour of Alex shipping.

Katie spoke about Camden getting a new copier.

Decision made to cancel August meeting.

Next meeting on Thursday, Sept. 28th from 2:30-4pm [update: New Brunswick members will videoconference from TSB.]

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