Minutes of November 25, 2008 meeting

Katie Anderson (coordinator, recorder), Ray Balter, Krista Andurand, Nancy Hammells, Maria Kostic, Priscilla Lee, MaryAnne Nesbit, Drue Williamson
  1. Workflows Testing: Symphony testing taking place, will be signed off on in early December.
  1. BOOK-N and Holds: If an item with a hold on it needs to have its format changed (BOOK-N/BOOK-Y) the hold must be removed before changing the format if there is only one copy in the system.
  1. Brief Item Records- There was a discussion regarding creation of brief item record and the current procedure. Brief items are created (shadowed) and then routed to DTS upon their return. A procedure needs to be written and posted to the RSG Staff Resources page.
  1. There was a discussion regarding Replacement Pages and how these requests are filled. It was determined that these requests should be filled by scanning so the receiving department can make the necessary changes for the best replacement. A procedure will be written and posted to the RSG Staff Resources page
  1. How do I's?: Suggestions for updates to several How Do I? pages concerning RSG procedures were decided upon and forwarded to Judy Gardner.
  1. Working Groups: The goal working groups will meet and report at the January meeting.
  1. December meeting is canceled.

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