Minutes of October 27, 2009 Meeting

Not reported.

New Documentation

RSG members reviewed and approved documentation for posting on the Sakai resources site and staff resources page. The first set of documents covers billing policy for lost and damaged ILL / E-Z Borrow books. These documents will be cross posted on the billing staff resources page. The second document outlines procedures for receiving and circulating multi-part, in house use items.

Online Students

The group continued a discussion from our previous meeting about the possibility of shipping books directly to online students. Questions and concerns were consolidated as seen below:



Factors in favor

Assessment of Resource Sharing Group

Finally, the group members had a chance to voice their opinions on the state of the group. Members are in agreement that the Sakai site is a useful resource, particularly the chat function. In the future, members would like to visit other sites and reach out to branch libraries that do not have a representative present at meetings. Given the heavy workload involved with Doc Delivery / RDS, it was decided that the group will do a trial run of meeting every other month, rather than monthly. The group coordinator reserves the right to increase the frequency of meetings should new projects arise.

Information Sharing

Alexander: It has been busy. Staff has noticed that not all volumes from multi-volume ILL requests are being discharged and have asked that we remind student workers to discharge everything. They reminded us to be careful when packing PALCI materials, as many shipments have been improperly labeled. This results in books being misdirected, and delays in shipment.

Annex: Asks that students and staff use extra care when packing Annex materials, as many of the books are in poor condition.

Dana: Dana library has been very busy, especially with PALCI requests. They tend to run out of padded mailers quickly, and asked that anyone with extra envelopes send them some.

Kilmer: Kilmer Library is also quite busy. Staff has noticed an increase in items being shipped the wrong library.

LSM: An unusual problem has occurred twice in the past month. Patrons have requested an item while still under the "student" status. By the time the book has arrived, the patron has rolled over to alumni status.

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