Minutes of January 26, 2010 Meeting

Pat Bellanca, Krista Dandurand, Carolyn Foote, Dorothy Grauer, Maria Kostic Meghan Lord, Rebecca Luo, Holly Muller, Mary Anne Nesbit, Roselyn Riley , Will Torres, Drue Williamson, Paul Young
Ray Balter, Eugene McElroy

The Resource Sharing Group met in Sakai chat.

E-Z Borrow

We should expect an increase in E-Z Borrow requests because Penn State's system is down. Most libraries have already noticed an increase in volume. Fortunately, this will only be temporary and volume should return to normal once the system is fixed.

Public Service Policy Memo

Group members reviewed the old Public Service Policy Memo outlining RDS and ILL services. The original memo was quite outdated, and did not include important new services such as free article delivery. Revisions made by the Resource Sharing Group were combined with input from the Interlibrary Loan Department and Judy Gardner. A copy of the old memo and the revised memo can be found on the following pages.

Book Special Request

We should be making every effort to fill all Book Special Requests that we receive. Exceptions are made for items that are too rare, fragile or in too high demand to be sent out of the library. We need to be sure to advocate for our patrons and allow them access to the full extent of our collection.

Information Sharing

Alcohol- 1 student employee is back, and they are keeping up with the workload.

Alex- Busy, but keeping up.

Annex- Nothing to report.

Art- Nothing to report.

Camden- Heavy increase in PALCI requests, they are keeping up thanks to student workers.

Dana- Only 2 students who work 2 days a week have returned. They are having trouble keeping up with PALCI and photocopying as a result. There have been errors with the incoming PALCI books. ILS staff has to put holds on these items and make them ILS because they have not been shipped properly. Dana staff ask that ILS staff be careful to address incoming ILS books to ILS, and not RDS.

ILS- very busy

Kilmer- High number of RDS requests

LSM- Student workers have been helpful in keeping up with the large demand for PALCI books.

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